Friday, September 24, 2010

Electronic Arts Kindle Scrabble the first Kindle app for sale? - UPDATE

Kindle Scrabble from Electronic Arts Inc was released today.  Thanks to Golf11 for the tip via his Twitter account today.

Apparently, this is the first commercial Kindle app made available, and so far it has three ratings of 5 stars each.

Electronic Arts set the price at $4.99.  Their product description includes:  Simple controls make it easy to play any way you want, whether you're a casual or experienced SCRABBLE player. Pass N' Play with a friend, challenge the Kindle, or play a solo game. If you need help, use the Best Word feature to create the highest scoring word possible. You can even pause the game anytime and pick it up later.

They provide "instant statistics tracking" and offer it as a way to sharpen your vocabulary in a new way that should be fun.

If it's anything like the free Every Word or Shuffled Row it could be somewhat addictive.

So far, review headings are "Seamless, Fast, Perfect" -- "Definitely worth the price"  -- and "Very fun"...

UPDATE - Note that you can play against someone else by passing the Kindle back and forth.
  Also, this word game is available for Kindle 2 and all Kindle DX's as well as the Kindle 3's.  Kindle 1's are unable to access the screen directly due to the slower screen used in 2007.

Currently, Amazon has not yet made this available globally, though they've
stated that they intend to have all games available world-wide eventually.

Kindle 3's   (UK: Kindle 3's),   DX Graphite

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  1. Does anybody have an idea when these apps will be available to international customers?

  2. And of course 1 reviewer gave it a 1* review because his Kindle doesn't have a touch screen...

    There's always one, isn't there?

  3. And once again, not available to international customers.
    But now we don't even get told that, all we get is "pricing information not available", which usually indicates that something is not (yet) available for sale at all.

  4. Rob, jw,
    I remember they said, last time, that eventually ALL game apps will be available globally.

    It's one thing for digital rights internationally to be a difficult thing to get in Agreements but there should be SOME indication that this new app is available only in the U.S. for now but there was no clue about it.

    Also, Amazon hasn't announced it on the forums yet as they did with their own Every Word and Shuffled Rows.

    Since this is the first commercial app, that's strange.

    As for pricing and availability at all, people have been able to buy it.

    On the forums, there are a few who find it a bit hard to read the words vs the background while others find it unexpectedly easy to to use and fast. I guess I will download and see how it is for myself then, though I'm in no mood for any more word games since I got a little addicted to Every Word and have been trying to reform.

  5. You know what would be fun on the Kindle? Those old Infocom games- Zork, Planetfall, etc. No graphics, and it can't be that difficult to port over...

  6. Is there a way to share between 2 different Kindles. I'm a newbie with Kindle so excuse me if I've asked the obvious. I just like playing scrabble with my daughter who is home 150 miles away from me.

  7. capto,
    It's possible to share 1 book between you with both reading it at the same time, but both of you would need to share one account, with the account owner paying for any of the books or word games ordered via the Kindle. Normally, you can share a book between up to 6 Kindle-compatible devices sharing one account.

  8. Supporting scrabble help apps will be popping up to, like and wineverygame. Scrabble is a huge market and this app will sell a lot for sure. Can you say iPhone and Android.

  9. How do you cange the end of game score setting on the Kindle fire scrabble game? Currently it must be at the default of 75 points, this can be only 2 words.

  10. Anonymous, I downloaded the KFire scrabble game but have not used it yet. There should be contact info on it for Help though.

    In the meantime, ask at the Amazon Kindle forum community.

    Sorry I couldn't help on that.


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