Monday, September 13, 2010

New Kindle-3 TV ad of Kindle and iPad being read by a pool. Other photos.

CrunchGear's Nicholas Deleon
posts Kindle's new ad, a real-world one vs the earlier fantasy-style ones which had many wondering what a Kindle even is.

The Kindle Chronicles' Len Edgerly got there first (though not on national TV) with a video comparison when he filmed his beloved iPad and Kindle together (see this also if you hadn't before).

  The new ad isn't a slam on the amazing iPad as a do-all tablet, except for the fact that it's just not a superb e-reader in sunlight if you'd rather focus on the text than your visage.  Len got in line at 4:30am to get his iPad and still loves it, except in sunlight.

 I see, in a quick look, that the new ad is making quite a splash, when it shows the Kindle and its owner in sunlight :-)

CrunchGear's Deleon has fun with this:
' ...You already knew that the Kindle was perfectly visible in direct sunlight [an earlier Kindle 3 VIDEO], and now we have Amazon—yes, this is an actual commercial that was seen on television (Good Morning America, to be exact) a few moments ago—stressing the fact.

You have to love the overreaction of the person who posted this on YouTube—“how could they put this on air???”

Maybe because it’s true? Just a guess. '

Some of the YouTube comments are just hilarious.

This is my K3 placed in a shaft of light from the window.

This was less than an hour after it arrived, on August 27, and I wanted to test it in sunlight although indoors.  It was almost 4:30 pm since the camera's still on Pacific Std time.
  I took some comparison photos that day for the blog alongside the K2.

 The Exif data shows it was taken at ISO 100 at 1/800th of a second at F4, inside, with no flash, so that was very bright light.

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  1. Well Len Edgerly may have been first but he doesn't look as good in a bikini.

  2. I have to admit this is pure speculation on my part.
    But I'm pretty confident I'm right.

  3. PaulGuy,
    Darlene and I are much relieved :-)

  4. Got to love the Apple fans instantly resorting to namecalling whenever someone shows that their idol isn't the perfection they want it to be (but in their heart of hearts know it isn't).


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