Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Graphite Kindle-3 has 3-5 day shipping delay. White 3G/WiFi in stock

Graphite Kindle 3's are "Expected to ship in 3 to 5 days" while the white Kindle 3's are "in stock."

  Could one reason be that the default Kindle 3 (UK: K3) image is the graphite-colored Kindle?  Or is the graphite frame considered more 'cool' or even 'sexy' than the 'plain' white one?  After 2 yrs of similar white Kindle models, the "different one" attracts, some have said.
  On the other hand, many in the forums have been posting that they were ordering the white version and that one way to do it was to order the 3G/Wifi model at $50 more even if they felt they needed just the WiFi-only K3.

  The image to the left, above, is of my white Kindle 3 alongside the larger Kindle Graphite DX.  Some have felt the graphite frame would make the contents brighter or more contrasty, but the text on the eggshell-framed one pops out too.

Clicking on the image at the right will get you a larger and clearer version of the text in both cases.  The 9.7" DX has more etched-looking fonts than the smaller-screen Kindles.

  That earlier story, which is about getting the Kindle 3 fonts to have the larger effect seen in the 9.7" DX, w/o having large spacing on the small screen, gives an idea of what their screens are like, relatively speaking.

I didn't expect the shortage again, although Amazon now has to have enough supply at Target, Staples, and Best Buy nationwide and of course in their warehouses for Amazon's online customers.  I saw, though, CrunchGear's headline yesterday - "Graphite Kindle 3 Sold Out Again"

  At any rate, 3-5 days isn't that long a wait, and if anyone has to have one 'now' the white one's in stock.

Kindle 3's   (UK: Kindle 3's),   DX Graphite

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  1. I finally tried to order my new Kindle last night. I tried and tried, but could not order a white Kindle - it's not even shown in the product images. I emailed Amazon about it and the response was that the white Kindle is not available to Australian customers at this time. Which is probably the case for the UK Kindle as well then. I don't understand why not though.

    Still waiting then, to get my Kindle. :(

  2. I have not seen this posted elsewhere yet, but the grapite K3 gets much hotter laying in the sun than the white one does. At least it gets a lot hotter than my white K2. If it were an iPad it would have shut off long ago.

  3. suze2000,
    That happened in Australia with the new Graphite DX at first too. Later the white ones were made available though.

    Good luck eventually!

  4. Hi, Al -
    I was about to post it but then software version v3.02 fixed the outdoor page turns that seemed to be related to relative heat outside. Graphites were more affected, it seems, than the white Kindles. There are more of them ordered though, it seems, since they emphasize this in their ads and it's the default model -- but usually when asked those with the white bezeled Kindles were reporting no probs like that except for one person I saw.

    Also, many who had graphite versions had no problems, so it's hard to say.

    That it still gets warmer (I opined on the forum that dark materials will absorb heat more, while white reflects the light) may be okay.

    Right now, people are so delighted by the software update and the fact their Graphites aren't acting up now, I didn't think I should still wonder about it.

    What's your take?

  5. I find it interesting to note that since the Kindle 3 has come out, there has been *NO* mention of the Kindle 1's or 2's. Are we now the bastard children of the Amazon? (OMG! Movie Idea!)

    Will we, the 2.5.x users, get these fancy features being touted for the 3.0.x elite?

    I'll be snide here... are we supposed to be like Apple Fans? Fess up the cash to purchase the new one because the Company won't update/upgrade the older units to force sales?

    I feel for the Kindle 1 owners, as they got a raw deal. The K2 was a radical design change, both in form factor and internal design, physically and electronically, thus they ARE stuck. I'm sad that happened.

    But the differences between the K2 and K3 units are largely cosmetic, as changes are not paradigm altering, but 'building-blocks'... the newer e-ink surface, the case, the battery, the wifi/3G... none of those affected the actual unit, just made it nicer.

    I do enjoy your blog, and have learned much from it. I simply wish there were more encompassing information being shared, since all I'm feeling now is some neglect.


  6. lornix,
    No mention? The Gutenberg update definitely mentioned Kindle 2 and Kindle 1 and that Kindle 2 easily does the input for search whereas the Kindle 3 does not. Maybe you blanked out at seeing 'Kindle 3' rightfully tired of seeing that :-)

    Also, the library online info is good for anyone who enjoys free access to contemporary reference sources including online books (and music).

    It's a "a Kindle world" so I mention things I think might be of interest to readers in this brave new world.

    Kindle 1 users have been waiting for Kindle 2 owners to 'understand' what they've gone through since February 2009 -- news tends to be about the latest capabilities when it comes to electronics and people's wishes for more.

    I keep the reference section at the right because most Kindle 2 or Kindle 1 users don't know about a lot of the features (see http://bit.ly/akwblog#guides (which will be in the right-hand column)

    I really am hoping those of us who have K2's that can handle some of the recent changes (though some are meant for the more contrasty and faster Pearl screen) will get an update that adds features a later model has -- just as they finally added direct PDF reading after awhile to the smaller K2.

    It seems to me that some of the v3.0 changes would be doable in the K2 and certainly in the DX Graphic, which has a Pearl screen.

    I don't think your question is 'snide' as you put it. But Amazon did do a huge update to Kindle 2 and DX in July that you know about and probably will add SOME of the v3.0 features that would work with v2.0 but with the new release and the competitive market, they would have needed to do a priority with the new programming features and then when the bugs in the real world (as we saw) were ironed out, they can add others as they did with the direct-PDF capabilities for the K2 after newer models had it first.

    I have a Kindle 1 and while I think Amazon should have an upgrade path rather than having to sell the old one on the market, they don't -- but I do know as a programmer, in no way could the K1 screen handle the features of the K2 because it was not fast enough to move the cursor WITHIN the screen as we are used to doing with the K2. Nor does it have the internal memory to deal with a lot of the changes. You're aware of that. People CAN sell their older Kindles and some do, to friends, family, on Craigs List, Amazon and EBay.

    For 2+ years, the Kindle-1 used-sales power was very very high. As much as $300 just a half year ago. Sometimes we have to face progress. I would have sold mine but needed it to be able to test functioning for those who have Kindle 1's and have questions.

    Thanks for writing your frustration with so little focusing on the Kindle 2. Kindle books, of course, are readable on all Kindles, and other blogs cover that very well. But you can come to mine at any hour of the day and click on one of the book links at the end of each post to get a look at the very latest new and temporarily new free books that are there only for a short while. I hope those are useful, as I scale down the groupings to make things more findable so you don't have to wait for someone to highlight them for you.

    I would really appreciate it if Kindle 2 users would suggest topics they'd like me to write about though.
    Am happy to do it if they/you let me know.

    So, write again with any suggestions!

  7. I have become so frustrated. I gave back my Kindle 2 after purchasing it 3 days before the Kindle 3 came out, but now I cannot get it anywhere. I tried Target on monday at 9:15 am after reading in the paper that they had the Kindles in stock. It took 14 minutes from 9am to sell all of them. "We just can't keep them in stock. Check back daily..."

    It's becoming very frustrating. I am still in the middle of 2 books that I want desperately to finish. The reason for Target is due to the 90 day return policy. They have a "no questions asked" policy which is superb.

    So I wait.....

    By the way, thank you for showing the comparison between the white and graphite. I am going for the graphite 3G. Easier to keep it clean :).


  8. Rick,
    They'll be at Best Buy this week, I keep reading though they also mention a 'demo' model, hmmm.

    There was a period during which the Kindles were easily available - and on Thursday I went online and purchased a 3G/WiFi for someone and it arrived Saturday.

    Target's 90 day return policy is interpreted by some stores, it's reported, as for defective units. They eventually accept pure-returns (no reason) but there have been hassles.

    I guess you don't want to read them on the Kindle for PC or the Kindle for Mac while waiting for the K3 to really be in your hands?

    :-) My white Kindles (1, 2, and 3) have never been a problem to keep clean. They don't seem to attract much. The graphite frame on the DX is beautiful, but if I have dandruff falling, the DX shows it.

    I chose the white Kindle because I didn't want both current ones to be graphite. I think you'll probably really like the graphite and I'm glad you're choosing 3G.

    Just saw your blog article on Google Docs and the OCR feature. That escaped me somehow. I will probably reference your entry - pretty interesting!

    I'll watch your blog for your eventual report on your K3.

  9. I bought a graphite one for two reasons:

    1. Graphite looks way cooler (IMO)
    2. The thing I hated about reading the K1 in sunlight was that although the grayish screen was nice to look at, the white borders were glaring too much reflected bright light and hurting my eyes. Graphite fixes that, now nothing is brighter than the page.

  10. Brentus,
    I can see where the borders would have been a problem for some in the sun, with that creme white.

    Yes, the graphite has a 'cool guy' look to it.

  11. When will the white kindle be available to Australia.


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