Thursday, September 9, 2010

OFFICIAL Kindle 3 software update v3.0.1 ready and going to all Kindle 3's

The v3.0.1 update is now final and ready for download from Amazon servers, for all Kindle 3's.  Apparently, their private feedback was as good as feedback seen on the Amazon forums.

See yesterday's original report of the v3.0.1 update for the details that were in that.

At the linked page (above), Amazon also states:
' We're excited to announce that a new, free software update is available for the latest generation Kindle 6" device.  This software update adds the ability to create a new account directly from your Kindle, as well as additional performance improvements.

Here's how to download Kindle software update version 3.0.1 and transfer it to your Kindle via USB (we will also deliver this software update wirelessly in the coming weeks for customers who choose not to manually update via USB now). '

So there's no escaping this one, folks. :-) I installed it on my own well-functioning Kindle 3 last night and reported at MobileRead Forums the following (slightly modified for this blog entry):
' Nevertheless, being an experimental type, I did install it to see what effect it might have on my problem-free one, since Amazon treated the update as helpful for anyone who wanted it, stating no caveats.  My Kindle 3 was already responsive and quite smooth but seems even smoother now.

Before and after the update, though, my books take a bit longer to load initially than they did with Kindle 2.  Page turns happen quicker but the reverse image black is there longer for me because I can see an entire next page's contents before it loses the black.

I was surprised, even before the update, that when you change the orientation (rotation is done with the 'Aa' Text-key) WHILE web-browsing, the earlier Kindles had always reloaded the web page, which taught me to avoid changing orientation while browsing.

 The Kindle 3, though, doesn't reload a web page when changing orientation -- it just reformats what it had in a way that's practically instantaneous.

  With all Kindles, I've learned that the Kindle's experimental Web Browser can do OK, if Very slowly -- though much faster in the last 4 months or so -- but will eventually run out of remaining memory eventually for a next request and just reboot.
  Rebooting clears memory and when the earlier Kindles restarted, I would just go back and be able to browse successfully the web page that had seemed to cause the earlier reboot.

  With the 3.01 update newly installed last night, I browsed somewhat frenetically, trying everything and wondering when it would reboot.

  Never happened.  So they have quite definitely improved handling of situations in which conditions of insufficient memory remaining (or plain confusion) could cause reboots on any Kindle web-browsing -- and resolved those another way). '

 So, this is a good update to have and if you don't want to install it manually from the step-by-step instructions given at their Kindle 3 software update download page, then they'll eventually be sending it to your Kindle 3 anyway as part of an official update via Whispernet.

I'll be posting soon some things I learned while experimenting more with the web browser.  

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  1. "They'll eventually be sending it to your Kindle 3 anyway as part of an official update via Whispernet."

    Say what? My Kindle 3 doesn't have Whispernet, and probably thousands more K3s don't have or need it.

    What it has is Wi-Fi. The update downloaded in what seemed like three seconds and installed itself smooth as silk.

  2. I was going to update my K3, but found that it already is reporting version 3.01. Looks like they have already started pushing the update out via Whispernet.

  3. Anonymous,
    Amazon has begun in some places using the word 'Whispernet' to refer to their wireless delivery system whether 3G or WiFi, per the Amazon forum regulars.

    I do know that some K3's have only WiFi :-) Glad yours downloaded and installed fine (this has been the rule).

  4. JeffGr,
    Yes, they're wasting no time! Thanks for the report/confirmation.

  5. I get my K3 (WiFi + 3G) on 9/Sep. And I get the freeze problem last night. I also think that it is a kind of problem of memory shortage to return to normal page after web surfing.

    Anyway, I just finish upgrade my K3 to ver3.0.1. I will try around if the problem happened again and check any other improvement on this version.

  6. hey all...i downloaded the fix and my k 3 3G Wi-fi still locked up when in google reader...had to do a hard reboot...screen turned white and stayed that way til i pushed the on off again and the screen came back to the google reader spot it was in...sorry happened...i am a tech savvy guy who loves his kindle but 3.0.1 may NOT be the total answer...

  7. Roy,
    Are you saying it went back to the Google reader spot it had been at after a total reboot? That alone is odd.

    Any other problem and you should contact Kindle Support and they will almost surely send you a replacement.


  8. Thank you, Andrys. I will see if anything else unusual happens before taking that step but you are correct in your statement that it took me back to where i was in G Reader.

  9. After update all my books disappeared, but after connecting to computer and ejecting reappeared, it is also bizzare that amazon doesn't ask you if you want to update or not.

    Also @time always freezes kindle and i never seen it working. Sometimes waking up from doesn't work.

  10. Anonymous,
    Most of what you report involves not waiting long enough.

    With the update, ( mentioned that it will show 0 books for awhile. IF you waited longer, you normally would see them show up.

    I agree the process is ungainly but if Amazon asked if someone wanted to do it later, then the customer would likely say, but how do I do it? Where? So they seem to take the easier way out. There should be an alert though.

    @Time actually starts a search of the entire device for "time' -- it takes awhile and it seems to freeze, so I should note this in my write-up and will add this. Thanks

    When it finishes, the Date and Time are at the top and if you click on that you'll see it in more detail as shown in the illustration.

    Waking up sometimes takes longer because it sometimes seems to be calculating or getting things in order.

    The best advice is to 'wait' a bit more than you might?


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