Sunday, February 6, 2011

Google eBooks change alert. Flip it! Hints page. Kindle Tic Tac Toe

The first item is to alert Google RSS users that the "A Million Free Google Books in ePub - for Kindle - UPDATE2" Google-book-conversion blog article was updated today due to changes in the Google eBookstore procedures for finding and downloading their eBooks.

Here is a requested page for Flip it! hints for the tougher levels of the 40-level game.

TIC TAC TOE - A 2-character game instead of a word game

The 7 Dragons group is at it again, after reaching Bestseller #5 status with their Flip it! game this week.

Released last night, Tic Tac Toe is an old favorite, now available for Kindle.

  From the Product Description:
'Tic Tac Toe by 7 Dragons brings the simple but classic game of Tic Tac Toe to Kindle.
Similar to the pen-and-paper experience from the school days, choose your Xs or Os and try to line up three in a row.  "Pass and Play" allows you to play against a friend, or choose to play against Kindle with three different difficulty levels. Game statistics allow you to keep track of high scores for each difficulty level.

Tic Tac Toe is good entertainment for kids, and a fun way to take a break! '

Also newly available (3 days ago) is Video Poker - People are forgiving its slowness, as it's free.  That does go a long way.  The Tic Tac Toe, at 99 cents, though, is worth a look.

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  1. You disabled new comments in the updated post about Google books, so I'll need to correct you on that post here.
    Google books still do not require your credit cart info to let you download a free book: I have an account, but no credit card info, and I was able to download a book today (Feb 6).

  2. Anonymous,
    Thanks. That was an inadvertent disabling of comments in the 'posting' dialog when revising the entry.

    We crossed in time there. Thanks for sending the correct info as you did. I did ask for corrections ;-) Leave it to me to then 'disable' comments !

  3. Siar,
    Just letting you know that this blog entry was made February *2011*...


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