Saturday, February 5, 2011

Web-based e-books. Macmillan & Amazon will pay Lost Royalties.

The new Android Market and reading your e-books on any device

ABI Research released a study on Friday which said the market for digital content will not be tied to the success or failure of any single gadget, despite the widespread misconception that a single tablet or e-reader could "win" the market.

Betanews' Tim Conneally adds that the study indicates that the market for digital content won't be tied to the success or failure of any single gadget, despite all the predictions of which tablet or e-reader will 'win' the market.

  Google finally launched a "renewed" web-based Android Market that is integrated with a user's Google account, which lets the customer shop for apps, sending them to the various Android-powered devices linked to that account.
' Amazon's Kindle store was the first major shopping outlet to take such a step.  Users can shop for Kindle-formatted e-books on, and push their purchases to their Kindle device, regardless of whether it's a dedicated e-paper reader or a software application. '

  And that includes reading Kindle books just on a PC or a Mac, as well as reading Google Web eBooks via the Kindle's web browser.

Larry Fisher, research director of NextGen, ABI Research's emerging technologies research incubator, said, "The variety of applications that allow people to buy this digital content reassures them that they won't be tied to a single store--or device--for content." Well, with the possible exception of Apple's iBookStore books, as those can't be read on non-Apple devices currently.

  With the new Web-based applications (Google's as well as Amazon's coming Kindle for Web), "developers can post bigger photos and even videos of their applications in action, and the browsing experience is superior to the native Android Market app."

Macmillan and Amazon pay Lost Royalties, and Macmillan increases author percentage
This is also being called "The Amazon Kindle Outage Adjustment, Locus Online reports.
' In a letter accompanying royalty statements, Macmillian CEO John Sargent told many authors they will receive 25% of net receipts in e-book royalties instead of the 15% most contracts called for, citing 25% as the emergent industry standard.

Macmillan will also pay royalties on sales “lost” when Amazon removed the “Buy Now” buttons on all books published by Macmillian during their contractual dispute over switching to the agency model.  ...Amazon has agreed to split the expense with Macmillan. '

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