Sunday, February 13, 2011

Panda Poet 50% off thru' today, 2/13.  Newer: Chess, Word Search

Apologies to non-US readers that Amazon is not offering these outside the US yet.  They say they plan to.  Could be we're the guinea pigs and you'll get the ones that were updated after much feedback.

I've added, on the web blog, some extra links for eBooks if that might help.

Oak Systems Leisure Software released Chess for Kindle this week after some anguished waiting by a few members of the Amazon "kindle active content" forum.

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Back to Chess:  The authors write: "Choose between 10 levels of difficulty and choose whether you want to play with an optional time limit to increase the challenge. You can also take back a move if you have made a mistake, as well as save your game at any time."

The Customer Reviews are mixed, with some more knowledgeable chess players missing important options normally used while others are very pleased with it.

Word Search, released 9 days ago, has quickly become the most popular puzzle in the Kindle store.  In fact, it is #1 in Kindle eBook paid "Non-Fiction" currently and is #2 Bestseller in the Top 100 Paid "eBooks" as I write this (the rankings change quickly). :-).

  Has anyone else noticed the changed spelling recently, from "e-books" to eBooks, used by many?  It seems more permanent and less apologetic.   No longer non-real books, in a way.

  Oak Systems Leisure Software (Creator of the first Kindle Chess) is the company behind Word Search also.

  In their product description, they write: "Locate and mark off words in the grid using the 5 way controller.  Each word appears in a straight line, horizontally, vertically or diagonally in the grid - but be careful, sometimes the words are backwards!  Play at your own pace or against the clock and see who can get the fastest time for each puzzle.  Pause partway through a puzzle and return to where you left it.  You can reset each puzzle and try it again as many times as you like.  If you get stuck on a more challenging puzzle then you can give up and see the correct solution.

Fun for all ages, with categories from Animals to Best Movie Oscar, there are 50 themed 13x13 puzzles included in Volume 1 covering a wide variety of subjects...

PANDA POET - 50% OFF THROUGH SUNDAY FEB 13 (Sorry I didn't notice the sale)
Spry Fox, creator of "Triple Town released Panda Poet in November.  It has 24 customer reviews and 4-1/2 out of 5 stars.

Product description: "Discounted 50% off for a limited time (offer ends February 13th)...

With Panda Poet you use the letters on the game board to form words.  Words formed from letters in open spaces create pandas.  Words formed from letters near pandas make existing pandas grow.

The goal is grow the biggest panda possible.  You get the highest scores from either creating the biggest possible panda or from forming the longest possible words.

To add to the challenge, each letter is only available for a fixed number of turns. Each time you enter a word, all the letters on the screen come one step closer to expiring.  When a letter expires, it is replaced by a skull, which prevents you from growing your pandas in that direction.  This makes playing Panda Poet a delicate balancing act: you must consider where a letter is located on the grid and how soon it will expire, not simply spell the longest word you can.

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