Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Notion Ink Adam Tablet vs Kindle & an LCD tablet in sunlight. Kindle for webOS.


The long awaited Adam Tablet by Notion Ink has a combo display of LCD switchable with an E-Paper display, with backlighting Off.

Good E-Reader Blog has a report and VIDEO and I've linked you to the larger YouTube one.

Here's an image-link to another, separate video, by Charbax, that also shows the e-paper display with backlight off.  When the backlight is On, the display is a sort of light blue-gray in the videos.  Nevertheless, both videos show reflections from the glass from the lighting above.

The first video gives you an idea of how the Adam looks in direct sunlight and how it compares with the e-ink and LCD displays.

They were disappointed to see that the dual layer of glass that it uses was "highly reflective in the sun, and even the matted screen protector is pretty useless."
' Our first comparison is with the Amazon Kindle and the Notion Ink Adam in Pixel QI mode.  We give you a great visual example of how the Adam ranks against one of the premier e-ink based electronic readers.  We have to give the advantage in this test to the Amazon Kindle.

The next comparison we show is how the Notion Ink Adam ranks with the Pandigital Novel 9 inch edition.   This test is mainly ... to show how Pixel QI in the Adam compares to the standard LCD based tablet and e-reader combination found in most competing devices.  We have to decide this contest in favor of the Adam, as the LCD was unreadable in direct sunlight. '

This is in connection with HP's Palm webOS press conference today.
  Of special interest was the last part of the following statement:
' "We're working with Amazon to bring HP customers the free Kindle app and, along with it, the largest selection of the most popular books," said Jon Oakes, director, TouchPad Product Marketing, HP. "TouchPad's beautiful, fully featured Kindle app supports the Kindle features users already know and love, and it's one of the first Kindle applications to support the latest Kindle features like Collections." '

Collections.  That last is key and I hope it shows up soon in the Kindle for PC and for Mac etc.

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  1. The Kindle looks so much better in this video. I wouldn't want to read in direct sunlight on Notion Ink.


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