Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kindle forum discussions. Also, an article about a first novel at age 86


Forum message-thread loading problems
Since there will be links to Amazon Kindle forum conversations here, I'll repeat a note I've been adding recently when pointing people to the Kindle forums.

  NOTE: If your web browser (Firefox, IE, or Chrome) drops you onto the Amazon forum list of topics instead of bringing you to the forum thread, click on Refresh or Reload to get the message thread itself -- or click on the link again.  I don't know why a 'retry' is often needed, but it is.

I found out that the above IS a problem for others on the forums, as a message thread was made about it last night and a regular, Dragi Raos, who's involved with the very thorough Unofficial Kindle Support website, mentioned he'd made an earlier discussion topic on that oddness in November.  Other regular helpers on the forums such as ShirleyKat have been seeing the problem, so I guess we'll let Amazon know via feedback email.  It's merely very annoying, but when a reader clicks on a link here to a recommended Kindle forum discussion and people are just left at the topic-list page (where the topic may not even be showing on the front page), that's awkward.

 So the note in red above should be remembered. Just reload or refresh the page and you should ultimately get the discussion text.

Kindle and unexpected effect on young people with reading problems
A discussion on how the Kindle had unexpectedly helped young family members with reading difficulties caught my eye.  It had been started some time ago, and the latest posters had not realized they were adding to an older thread.  But the information remains helpful for some.

News article on the Kindle leather cover without built-in light
Attention was brought again yesterday to the fact that an Amazon Kindle cover (the non-lighted one sold for $35) has been responsible for problems with the Kindle 3 over the Winter.  Some have thought it was due to the winter cold and static discharges while others have felt it was a problem only for certain batches of the cover.  I've seen discussions on this at Facebook also.  The problems and Amazon's response were explained here in mid-December.

Amazon Kindle Forum thread with questions on choosing the cover with a light
  Many have wondered about which cover to order then, and a recent forum thread discussed whether or not getting the lighted Amazon Kindle-3 cover is a good choice.

  Aside from that, those seeking a less-expensive one or an interim one until making a decision can try the Acase cover for considerably less cost or take a look at other options.

First novel at age 86
A happier item is seen in an article written by Megan Lea Buck for the Midland Reporter-Telegram.  Here is the item which tickled me:
' Fern Crume admits she is not familiar with the latest technology.  Sitting on an airplane last November, she watched as the woman sitting beside her pulled a small, tablet-like computer out of her bag.  Curious about the gadget, Crume watched the woman turn on her Amazon Kindle and flip to the front cover of a new book.

At this point the woman noticed Crume's gaze and asked her if she had read the book, a romance novel entitled, "Love is Never Late."

Crume laughed and, much to her neighbor's disbelief, replied "I wrote that book."

Published in October, "Love is Never Late" is the 86-year-old Midlander's first novel. '

Buck started writing the novel while caring for her late husband.  Finding it difficult to find a book that was 'uplifting' she felt she could do better.  Later on, she completed a manuscript in just three weeks and submitted it to Tate Publishing, which she found online.  She was offered a contract and then another for the next book.

  "Love is Never Late" is only 124 pages long and she had intentionally gone for a length that wouldn't take more than two hours to read, as that's what she'd wanted earlier.  It's fiction although it's based on her experience caring for her husband of 63 years after he was diagnosed with advanced Alzheimer's disease.

  I liked the newspaper story about her first novel being published at 86, but I have to say that the price chosen is very high, for a 124-page book.  Maybe quality trumps quantity.  It may be worth getting a sample anyway.  There are no reviews on the book yet.

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