Tuesday, February 7, 2012

E-Ink Kindle game 'Every Word' equivalent is available in color on KindleFire. L.A. Times: Kindle Fire the next gaming console?

Jumbline 2 - Free with ads

Jumbline 2 - $1.99 - No ads

L. Doherty, like many others, had missed, when using the Kindle Fire, the free e-Ink Kindle game "Every Word", and decided to post this question last week:
' I would like to have EVERY WORD game available on the Kindle Fire. I had a bunch of word games on my old Kindle Keyboard (3rd generation) and now I cannot get any of them for my Fire. I am so disappointed in this. '
  At the Kindle Community Forums, where you can get good advice from other Kindle owners 24/7, here are a couple of replies on that:
' Joanne M. Manuel says:
Hi, L. Doherty- You should try Jumbline2 Free. It has the same features as EVERY WORD only it's a lot prettier with its colors and animations. There is also a paid version [no ads]...

  Q says:
I have missed "Every Word" on the Fire. THANK YOU for pointing out "Jumbline 2". Exactly the same .... only better! After trying out a level, I was happy to pay the $1.99 for a non-ad copy. '

  These are popular games similar to Scrabble that you can play with time limits to make it harder. On the eInk, I got addicted to it and had to go cold turkey :-)

L.A. Times article on Kindle Fire: "The next gaming console?"
Kindlezen tweeted this interesting story by Alex Pham in the Los Angeles Time's Businesss section, which points out that Amazon's been quietly recruiting game developers, posting dozens of jobs on its site.

  P.J. McNealy, founder of Digital World Research, apparently believes Amazon is preparing to become a force in mobile social gaming.  Pham says that gaming on tablets is taking off and that McNealy suggested that Amazon's well positioned to capitalize on this "because it is the No. 2 player in the tablet market, with its array of rapidly selling Kindle devices trailing only Apple Inc's ipads," and could become "next big gaming platform -- acting as a hardware and software gateway for games in the same way that the PlayStation, Wii and Xbox have for decades.   For details on what Amazon is looking for and what that means for its focus for the future, see the L.A. Times article.

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  1. I had a bunch of word games on my old Kindle Keyboard (3rd generation) and now I cannot get any of them for my Fire.Agen Judi

    1. Anonymous, sorry to get to this so late. The games made for e-Ink readers don't work for LCD tablets...
      You could write the creators of the e-Ink ones to ask them if they did anything similar for Android or for Kindle Fire.


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