Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Free Kindle books Wed. Feb 29 -- 360+ chosen by forum members from 420+ listed (some duplicates if popular) - Blog Feed was Halted to Kindle devices and blog-feeds due to long e-books listing

This is a late Feb. 29 listing blog article that Google Feeds did not post, stopping the feed flow for 4 days.

  Therefore, it's showing on top, as I edited it to remove the long free-books listing from the blog article (placing it on a separate type of blogger page) to get the feed running again, and I did it after doing two March 4 postings and Google sees it as "latest blog article"... This means the longer listings these days will not go out on feeds and people will need to click a link to see them.  But using the links requires a wifi connection anyway.

FREE KINDLE BOOKS from Joyce and Annie B's daily forum threads (or equivalent thread while Joyce takes a rest and Nospin steps in to help) of temporarily-free Kindle book alerts and forumner recommendations.

First, FREE for probably a very limited time My Kindle Fire book, by Jim Cheshire which is $0.00, for a day or 4, list price $19.99. 288 pages and "optimized for larger screens."
  27 customer reviews, 4.6 stars average

Of course, Kindle Deal of the Day, which changes at ~midnight each day... I removed Wednesday's book from this post-Google-Halt revision.

Also, 420+ newly and temporarily free Kindle books released Wed., 2/29/12.
  There are 360+ suggestions for consideration, in listings by forum members,
  plus a link to more forum pages of them.

As usual, I'm drawing attention to the Kindle forum members' recommendations, which are done daily, and this will give you an idea where to to find the daily threads the rest of the time, although the various threads are proliferating lately.   I plan to draw attention to these when there's time.
  Some of these are free for only a few hours or a few days, others a bit longer.
Double-check* the prices always.

  Lists by forum members are compiled from the several forum postings they make while plowing through the titles on websites -- All their intermittent recommendations for a day are listed together under their forum names so we can easily see sets by each in these public forum threads.

  I also include some of the duplicated picks, as they give a sense of what strikes people, in general, as worth picking up.

  If you can see that some forum members choose the types of books you like, that'll help, and if you can see that any choose the types of books you may not find as interesting, that should help too!

  If a book is free for only ONE day and is no longer free, let me know and I may be here and able to strike it off the list for today.

  Listing-types and some genre identification
  Many also specify the genre involved, which is very helpful.
  This approach has been useful for some readers, when I have the time to do them.

  Kindle-Edition subscribers (thank you for the support) should use their computers at the web page to use these free-book links, at, OR maybe read the Feb. 17 blog article on how to handle linked free-book webpages on the Kindle. (Link: )

  MORE... ( If you are reading this from the main blog page, the links and discussion of temporarily newly-free books and discounted-book forum-alerts link(s) are on a SEPARATE PAGE now. (See below.)

 This change was necessary, as the The GOOGLE BLOGGER FEED stopped being sent to KINDLE DEVICES and Google READER because the length of the list of free Kindle book title recommendations became Too Long

So, to see the rest of the (latest) listing that was posted here from the Kindle forum members, click on FREE KINDLE-BOOKS LISTING: Latest blogged from Kindle forums blogged from Kindle forums.

Both the GoogleReader and Kindle-Editions subscriber feeds were halted by Google as of Feb. 29 due to excessive listing of free book titles in one post.  So this is the method I'll use for the longer ones.

Apologies for the lapse between Feb. 29 and March 4. There were two postings on March 3 and it was then that I noticed the feed had stopped BEFORE anyone subscribing to the blog saw the listing of free Kindle books released on Feb 29 and recommendations from the forums. Below are ways to Share this post if you'd like others to see it.
-- The Send to Kindle button works well only on Firefox currently.

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(Older posts have older Kindle model info. For latest models, see CURRENT KINDLES page. )
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