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Free Kindle books Sat. Feb 11 -- 232 chosen by forum members from 500+ listed .

FREE KINDLE BOOKS from Joyce and Annie B's daily forum threads of free Kindle book alerts and forumner recommendations.

500+ newly and temporarily free Kindle books for Sat., 2/11/12.
232 suggestions for consideration, in listings by forum members
  plus a link to 4 more forum pages of them.

I'll be drawing attention to the Kindle forum members' recommendations, which are done daily, and this will let you know where to find them. I plan to do that when there's time.
  Some of these are free for only a few hours or a few days, others maybe two weeks.

 Double-check the prices always.

THIS BLOG ARTICLE CONSISTS OF LISTS OF BOOKS SELECTED BY FORUM MEMBERS for themselves and posted so that others can see what was found to be interesting to them, out of over 500+ book titles.

  Lists by forum members are compiled from the several forum postings they make while plowing through the titles -- All their recommendations are listed together under their forum names so we can easily see sets by each in these public forum threads.
  I also include some of the duplicated picks, as they give a sense of what strikes people in general, as worth picking up.
 If a book is free for only ONE day and is no longer free, let me know and I'll strike it off the list for today.

  Listing-types and some genre identification
If you can see that some forum members choose the types of books you like, that'll help, and if you can see that any choose the types of books you may not find as interesting, that should help too!

  Many also specify the genre involved, which is very helpful.
  This approach has been useful for some readers, when I have the time to do them.
  Kindle-Edition subscribers (thank you for the support) should use their computers at the web page to use these links, at Link:

  MORE... ( If you are reading this from the main blog page, the links and discussion of temporarily newly-free books and discounted-book forum-alerts link(s) are on the 2nd page, to load the main page more quickly and so that those wanting to go through the details can do so by: Clicking on "MORE" just below)

Again, some are free for only a few hours, some for a day or 5, so double-check each one for price. (Watch out for 'Prime' $0.00 price for *borrowing* as it looks like a purchase price and is bigger than the normal pricing, which of course as confused people.)
By AnnieB
My 1-clicks for today.
1. Scream Catcher mystery
2. The Gathering Storm: The truth can set you free. It can also kill you. (Legacy Series)
3. Sleep Tight mystery
4. Lame Excuses southern humor/family

By membe
First Aid For Your Menopause Emotions
Memoirs of an Angry Man
Wild Grass (Memories of a Colonial Boy)

Let Sleeping Lions Lie....
200 Chinese Proverbs

By F. Walliczek
My picks for today (non-fiction):
Breast Cancer Awareness, Signs and Symptoms: an important topic
How to Ask for a Raise After Taking a 2-Hour Lunch (I hope it works! ;-)
Aphrodisiacs - A Valentine's Day Special (I hope this one works, too ;-)
I Am Your Mother (a picture book of animal mothers and babies) so cuuuute...
Easy Chocolate Fondue Recipes for Entertaining hmmmm, chocolate fondue!

By Navy Mom
Be Mine (The Corny Myers Series)
Devil's Food (A Loretta Kovacs thriller)
The Mirror In The Garden
Love Comes for Valentine's Day (The Mobile Mistletoe Series)

By Danielle50
My selections
Scream Catcher
Puddle of Love
The Flight Attendant

By Grandma
eReaderiq has 12+ pages of new offerings this morning. I was surprised that I found so little of it actually of interest. For those of you following the Stolen Cookbooks & Other Scams thread, keep your eyes out for a couple by Nathan Murphy this morning.
Make Fantastic and Unique Chocolate Desserts for the Holidays or Special Occasions is on offer today along with one other of his.
  Something about it made me take a look at his author page - 10 books on one of the biggest disparities of subject matter I've seen
Meeting Seniors in All the Right Places_ Have the Time of Your Life While Improving Your Physical and Mental Health, The Knee Bible_ Pain, Injuries, Recovery, Support, and Treatment - Stop Suffering and DO Something and so on . . . seemed strange to me.
  . Sweets For Your Sweet. Review just went live.

By Denise Long
my picks:
Legends of London - Abridged Edition (The Legends Collection)
Rise of the Red Dragon (Tales of the Lorekeepers)
Montfort The Founder of Parliament The Early Years 1229 to 1243

By Reader
Low Carb Low Fat Breakfast & Snacks Interactive TOC
Pandora Park Childrens (Piers Anthony - I couldn't resist)
Die Laughing (Blue Moon Detectives) (might be fun)
The Bashful Vampire Murder & Comic Book Murders (Frank Callahan Mysteries) (might be fun)
Rougarou Horror/Paranormal
I read Sleep Tight lastt September and recommend it.

By Nospin
My selections:
Sleep Tight
For those who choose Die Laughing, Basement Blues is also available dealing with the same character.
Humorous mystery from last list posted
What's a Girl Gotta Do (Robin Hudson Mysteries)

By mom of 3
Here are my one click picks for mystery/thriller:
Eye of The Destroyer (A Jack Kilbourne Adventure)
Scream Catcher
Family Plot
Gerard: Le Garçon Vampire
SETUP ON FRONT STREET (Key West Nocturnes series)
River Rising
Waypoint (Waypoint series)
Death Has a Name
The Little Rock Messenger
Sleep Tight
The Gathering Storm: The truth can set you free. It can also kill you. (Legacy Series)
Life's Punishing Path (A James Anthony Fratino Series, #2)

mystery / thriller cont.
Ionshaker (Suspense thriller)
Puddle of Love
Under the Sun
The Race
Winter Prey
A Sorrow Beyond Tears (Angel Without A Soul)
Direct Flight to Murder
Wolf TicketsCommon Ground (The Common Ground Trilogy)
Devil's Food (A Loretta Kovacs thriller)
Raw Vengeance (The Rich Fordham Series)
The Lazarus File

Red MagicHearts Unfold
Tales Out Of School
The Haunting of Isola Forte di Lorenzo
Under The Desert Moon
Railroad Man
Don't Tell the Moon
Finding Juliet
Naked in Knightsbridge
Parched, A Paranormal Romance (Parched, book 1)
Love Changes
Secrets and Keys (Desire)
Midsummer Eve at Rookery End
Something Between

My Pet Turtle Makes a New Friend (A picture book for young children)
Why Owls are The Wisest Birds (The Why Series)
Tales From The Beehive - The Tale Of Bee Ware (Childrens Picture Book)
Adorable Animals: A Book About Love
When I Grow Up
Happy Faces! 1-2-3: A Counting Book for Babies
Mozarte's Daily Adventures
Love You Back!
Animals:Animales | English Spanish Animals
Rhyme upon a time 2

By P Chaney
Strange, the finger just didn't 1-Click this morning like it usually does.
Delicious Cake Mix Brownies & Bars! (Delicious Cake Mix Desserts!)
Marriage In Name Only

By MaeflowerThese are a few I picked up.
Tales Out Of School romance
MALAIKA Literary
Whispers from the Heart: A Novel (Journals from the Heart) Contemporary
Hearts Unfold romance

By isanythingopen
Lots to choose from for the 10+ group.
The Lost Prince (Tales of the Fabled Lands) (fantasy)
The Eternal Well (The Changeling Saga) (fantasy)
The Last Star (fantasy)
Rebel Rider (historical fiction)
The Highland King (historical fiction, scotland)
Suddenly One Spring (historical fiction)
Lesson of the White Eagle (native american)
The Mummy's Tomb (Brock Ford Adventures) (adventure)
Legends and Heroes: the Tale of the Taskmaster (action, alt. reality)
Under the Stars (action) Andromeda's Moon (sci fi? mystery)
The Discovery of Mars Magellan - A Classic Science Fiction novel about a boy found in Space. (sci fi adventure, future)
Wicked Hungry (werewolves (fairly certain) )
The Key To Ghost World  (alt dimension, ghosts)
Mystery of the 51st Star (Taylor Kelsey, Mystery 4) (mystery)
Anarchist Farm (political? society?)


The Dhampire
Rise of the Red Dragon (Tales of the Lorekeepers)
Keep Mama Dead (zombies for those who collect)
The Demigod Proving (The World Quake Cycle)
Tower of Bones
Vengeance of the Ghost - Book 3: Lord of Chaos Trilogy (all 3 appear to be free today)
Chasing Power (Hidden Talents)
The Afternet

Daughter of the Night

By A
CLASSROOM ON THE WEB: Science Tutorials and Games for Grades K-12
Here's to Not Catching Our Hair on Fire: An Absent-Minded Tale of Life with Giftedness and   Attention Deficit - Oh Look! A Chicken!
Another from the drawing series:
Drawing Mentor 3, Perspective and 3D Shapes
And another of Sharon L. Reddy's novels:
The Survival of Cade (Pilots Group)

By babel
I took my time browsing kinlib this morning but only came up with 5.  There were a couple of others that looked promising at first glance, but the proofreading errors in the "look inside" were too off-putting; I was afraid I'd be gnashing my teeth the whole time reading.

Pandora Park - children's adventure - by Piers Anthony - Mark in N.Y and Kelsie in China both discover a mysterious path leading to a magical forest.
Puddle of Love - suspense - Jesse Wallace's dilemma is that he knows too much; he knows all the deepest, darkest secrets in the little town of Briley. But he can't say a single word at all, because he's dead, and he's stuck on the other side.
Shadowland - fantasy - On the night of midwinter's eve, a storyteller takes his listeners back to the Dark Ages and a tale from his youth.
The Hell Screen (A Sugawara Akitada Novel) - historical mystery - Set in 11th-century Japan and featuring government official and sometime-detective Akitada Sugawara.
The Prisoners of Gender - romance - A princess and her guardian exchange bodies due to a botched magic enchantment. (I must confess "bawdy, spicy romance" in the prod. descr. caught my eye...)

Scream Catcher
The Gathering Storm: The truth can set you free. It can also kill you. (Legacy Series)
Montfort The Founder of Parliament The Early Years 1229 to 1243
Pharaoh's Son
The Highland King

By AuntOh
Here are some of my picks (I did pick up a couple of the other mysteries already listed). An embarrassment of riches, lol!
The Fall of the Haunted City (Stitch) (previous book was free yesterday & still free today!
The Bone Blade Girl (Stitch))
Winter Prey (horror/mystery)
Pharaoh's Son (hist. mystery)
Tower of Bones (fantasy)
Sleep Tight (mystery - anne frasier fans)
River Rising (thriller)
Montfort The Founder of Parliament The Early Years 1229 to 1243 (hist fiction)
Convergence (time travel?)
Keep Mama Dead (fantasy/horror/zombies)

By angelmum3
Railroad Man Mickey's job with the railroad is the best gig going in north Georgia in 1933. He's tall, dark, and handsome and has it made in the shade. Mickey found his true love at an early age and dreams of the perfect life they will share. He roams the speakeasies and clip joints of Atlanta, looking snazzy and ready for some action. The women call him Killer. He seeks the exotic creatures of the city and the wonders they hold. Forty-five years later, Mick wonders what happened. (I also liked the reviewer who is a verified purchaser, and my grandfather was a railroad man)

Olga - A Daughter's Tale A new author's first book written as the result of genealogical research into her mother's past and her family. Based on a true story 'Olga - A Daughter's Tale' is a family saga about love, heritage, culture, identity and belonging with an epic feel - from Jamaica to England amidst World War II.Written in the form of diary entries and letters, it is about the cruelty, revenge and jealousy inflicted on an innocent young woman and about her moral courage, dignity, resilience and, in particular, love. It is the story of a remarkable woman who, because of circumstances, made a choice which resulted in her losing contact with her beloved family in Jamaica until nearly half a century later when her daughter discovered her mother's past (this has 23 reviews in 4* or 5* It is reminding me of the TV show - "Who Do You Think You Are? NBC show celebrities go thru their genealogy)

Stranger Riding By  Who wanted Westerns? This appears to be a short story The review says "Carol Buchanan's story of a little boy's suspicion of a stranger who visits his home is definitely one to remember. Little did he or his mother know that the man who stopped for a meal was Harry Longabaugh, the Sundance Kid. (The boy was Carol Buchanan's father.) The author's lyrical prose makes the reader want more."

Montfort The Founder of Parliament The Early Years 1229 to 1243  Again 14 reviews (and a paperback version) helps make this history book intriguing to me! Simon de Montfort, the founder of England's Parliament, was the greatest knight and foremost military strategist of his time. Friend of Saint Louis, thorn in the side of the Plantagenets, he was chosen Viceroy by Prince Richard's crusaders and the Christian lords of Palestine. He served as Senechal of France for King Louis' heir, but rejected the Crown of England, championing instead the New Millennium of democracy preached by Dominican and Franciscan friars
(warning this is 1st in a series? looking under at the customers who bought this also bought, and there are 3 other Montfort books, this is the only one free - and who knows for how long)

Here's to Not Catching Our Hair on Fire: An Absent-Minded Tale of Life with Giftedness and Attention Deficit - Oh Look! A Chicken! This author seems to have quite a blog following - (paperback version also) "Did you know that if you forget to pay a speeding ticket you WILL get arrested-in front of your kids, the neighbors-the dog-and anyone else who happens to be there? True story. And the thing is, Stacey Turis has a million of them, and she imparts these and other nuggets of wisdom to offer others suffering from ADHD some hope in knowing that they are not alone."

Constitution AL Here's a Children's history/fiction book that sounds cute - Ever wonder what really happened at the Constitutional Convention? Join Aloisius Spider and his friends (the Snail, Earthworm, Grasshopper, etc.) as they battle the sinister Triple Alliance. Their foe's intention is to sabotage the Convention -- and end democracy in America! (our school does unit on the Constitutional Convention - trying to get kids to understand what life must've been like... this may bring more humor, and open more doors to other conversation, and kick start some writing as well!)

Montfort The Founder of Parliament The Early Years 1229 to 1243 - went and clicked on the 1* review - had 8 comments - worth the read! ;-)

By Sweet Diva Reader Marla
The Pariah
Scream Catcher
Chains of the Past
The Fun Things to Do in Chicago Guide: An informative Chicago travel guide highlighting great parks, attractions, and restaurants (Some day I plan to visit here)
Morgan Burdett 'BITE THE BULLET' - A Classic Fast Paced Crime Fiction Novel - CAUTION not suitable for under 18's
The Horizontal Split
Summer of Firefly Memories
The Grimoire (The Greenwillow Chronicles)
The Little Rock Messenger

First 10. Got to book #126 before I found soon to be #11.

Puddle of Love
The Bashful Vampire Murder & Comic Book Murders (Frank Callahan Mysteries) (I'd picked up The DVD murders free on Feb 4, 2012 book #1)
More Confessions of a Bookseller (I'd picked up book 1 Confessions of a Bookseller for $.99 at some point)
Devil's Food (A Loretta Kovacs thriller)
Hell Hath No Fury...
A Twist of Fate
The Armchair Detective On Holiday
Pandora Park
Hell in Heels (Hell Bent and Bound: Helena's Story)

10 more took me as far as kinlib book #250 before I found another.

Starting with kinlib book #251:
Vampires Aren't Pretty
House of Flesh
Family Plot
Somewhere Never Traveled (The Weavers Story)
Low Carb Southern Country Cooking Recipes (Slap Yo Momma Southern Cooking)
Mourning In Hochington Vol. 1
Everything Changes (Willowbrook Saga)
Harry Putter and the Chamber of Cheesecakes
Sunset Strip: A Shot of Modern Noir
Valentine Stories That Make You Scream: Horror Stories (Serena Blood Holiday Horror Series)
Basement Blues (This is Blue Moon Detectives #1, still free today)
Die Laughing (Blue Moon Detectives)
Four Minutes Past Midnight - True tales of the supernatural
What If the Hokey Pokey Really Is What It's All About?
Legends of London - Abridged Edition (The Legends Collection)
What's a Girl Gotta Do (Robin Hudson Mysteries)
Common Ground (The Common Ground Trilogy)

By Addicted to Kindle

Gun Sex
Scream Catcher mystery (it is based in Lake George, NY...)
I Am Your Mother (a picture book of animal mothers and babies) (children)
Morgan Burdett 'BITE THE BULLET' - A Classic Fast Paced Crime Fiction Novel - CAUTION not suitable for under 18's mystery
Happy Faces! 1-2-3: A Counting Book for Babies childrens
The Adventure's Of Angus The Mouse childrens
Puddle of Love suspense
A Sorrow Beyond Tears (Angel Without A Soul) mystery
The Gathering Storm: The truth can set you free. It can also kill you. (Legacy Series) suspense
The Gathering short story / prequel to a seriesMy Pet Turtle Makes a New Friend (A picture book for young children) childrens
Devil's Food (A Loretta Kovacs thriller) mystery
How the Bee Got Its Stinger (A Funny Children's Picture Book Story) childrens
River Rising suspense
A Twist of Fate contemporary fiction
NATIVE TEXAN mystery (written in 1981 according to discription)
Pandora Park science ficton, fantasy, magic (not normally my genre, but another with location close to home)
House of Flesh literary fiction
Life's Punishing Path (A James Anthony Fratino Series, #2) mystery
More to come - I'm only at 254 on kinlib.

Family Plot suspense
The Alestrion Chronicles: Slaves Redeemed adventure
Unique Homemade Christmas Gifts Ideas With Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes cookies
Direct Flight to Murder mystery
Quick Cooking: Volume 4 - Dinner - 20 Delicious Dinners Ready in 30 Minutes or Less cookbook
Rougarou mystery
Tales From The Beehive - The Tale Of Bee Ware (Childrens Picture Book) childrens (make sure you pick the 0.00 one - I see there is more than one out there)
Wolf Tickets mystery
Beariel the Little Furmaid (Children's Fairy Tale Story Perfect for Bedtime & Young Readers) childrens
Stealing Kevin's Heart romance
Easy Chocolate Fondue Recipes for Entertaining I love the Melting Pot so it would be great to do this at home (and cheaper lol)
Eye of The Destroyer (A Jack Kilbourne Adventure) suspense

By Lia Fairchild (Author of In Search of Lucy
...two that are definitely worth getting
Sacred Secrets, A Jacody Ives Mystery (Jacody Ives Mysteries)
A Time To Heal

I STOPPED THERE, as I was on Message Thread page 3 only and there are 7
pages of suggestions, and many tend to be duplicates after 200+ listed.

I've sifted out and gathered several sublistings under each name for who made them and there are over 230 book titles included here (a few are duplicates)

To continue on with the forum thread directly (pjf starts several listings at that point), go to kfree0211 to get the other 4 pages of forumners listing what they felt looked interesting.

There is enough here that I won't go do a link for Discounted books today.

But there is always the Kindle Daily Deal for the day, so check that out.

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  1. I subscribe to "a Kindle World Blog" via Amazin to read it on my Kindle. I am extremely dissapointed thst links to supposedly free ebooks open a web page on my kindle with text too small to see without a microscope! These links should (in the kindle version) take me to a listing on the kindle storefront , not a web page!

  2. Anonymous. Thanks for subscribing. I mention on the Free Book alert blog entries that Kindle Edition Subscribers, who get the last 25 blog articles, on an edition, should do the links from a computer.

    Having said that though, it's Amazon who decides where the links go, and they take you to a modified web-site for mobile devices and not to the Kindle store. I can't do anything about it, unfortunately.

    What I should point out is that once you're on the page of TINY print (agreed!) for an item, you should press Menu and then "Article Mode" to read the info.

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    Now, with a Kindle Touch, this is easy.

    With the Kindle Keyboard, you get a ZOOM box that you can click on and it enlarges that boxed section. Good for getting a sample. Awkward. But you still do have that 'Article Mode' for reading.

    With the Kindle Touch, you can pinch-zoom the entire page of text and see it larger but then you do need to scroll around. With this, you also get 'Article Mode' and would use pinch-zoom to find the sample box if wanted, etc.

    Let me know if any of this helps.


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