Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kindle News: Kindle Touch now GLOBAL.-No 3G models. U S WiFi-only Kindle Touch Now Special Offers only, at first. DETAILS on ordering + Situation on Special Order models and power adapters

  This is the new but not yet announced page by Amazon for Kindle Touch International, now buyable by customers in countries outside the U.S. finally - for $139 U.S. from Amazon U.S.

  This is for the Kindle Touch WiFi only, but on that page there is an international table that tells you whether your country is on the list for delivery of this model.

  The internationaal page was discovered by the Canadian "Nathan" who is able to see the non-U.S. page(s).
  Amazon has stores in France, Germany, Spain, and the UK and Kindle Touches can now be ordered there but ONLY from THEIR Amazon stores, which makes sense.

  The main Kindle Touch page for international orders has adapters shown for other countries.

  It seems U.S. customers CAN buy the normally-sold NON-Special-Order Kindle Touch WiFi-Only models this way, BUT if they want the specially-priced U.S. power adapter packed/shipped WITH the Kindle touch order, they need to buy the Kindle Touch from the U.S. Kindle store.  The US adapter, bought WITH the U.S. Kindle model carries a $5 savings, shown at checkout -- $9.99 instead of $14.99.

    BEAR IN MIND that if you do buy the U.S. Kindle Special Offers model (which is the only way the U.S. WiFi-only model is sold now on the U.S. page), you have the option to UNSUBSCRIBE from the Special Offers option at any time by paying the DIFFERENCE between the cost of the Special Offer model ($99) and the NON-Special Orders Model now available directly only to non-U.S. countries -- that's a $40 difference.

    U.S. customers can still buy the NON-Special Offers Kindle that includes 3G with WiFi.

  Here is info and help on what Special-Offers models ARE as well as how to UNsubscribe from OR Subscribe to the Special Offers.

    Of course, U.S. customers can also still just buy the U.S. power adapter separately, but it will cost an additional $5 when bought separately from the Kindle Touch.

Nathan in Canada could see this offer for Kindle Touch WiFi-only and as of this time, there is no page showing in Canada for the 3G/WiFi model.

  Again, U.S. Customer pages now offer ONLY the Special Orders model
This was touched on above, but I want to make it clear, as it is a big change and indicative of a trend for the future.  One can directly buy the NON-Special Order models using the international page identified but the U.S. power adapter won't come with it, as explained above.

You *CAN UNSUBSCRIBE from the Special Orders though, probably before you get it, by going to the Manage Your Devices area where you'll see the column for that option.  Again here is info and help on unsubscribing or subscribing to the Special Offers feature.

  Many actually like the special offers though, to their surprise. I'm one of them.  They're not only well done (I like the quality of the photography) but there are some quite good offers I've decided I'd rather not miss.  I was initially very resistant to this because I don't want to see even the small bottom line used for an ad, but it's very unobtrusive and doesn't move.
  If they ever start animating them I would unsubscribe. Otherwise, they show only on the sleep-screen and never when you're reading.

Right now I've been using my Kindle Fire color tablet/reader more than my Touch, so I haven't been seeing them as much because the Kindle Fire doesn't have special offers.

The Kindle Touch WiFi-only now being offered to those outside the U.S. has NO 3G even for book downloads and Wikipedia, as the Kindle Touch model with 3G is currently U.S. ONLY.

  Kindle Keyboard or Kindle 3G model
  However, at this time, the older Kindle Keyboard (Kindle 3 with 3G) (UK: K3) still comes with FREE (but VERY SLOW) 3G web browsing where that is enabled.  The product page mentions that this older KEYBOARD and NON-TOUCH model is still buyable outside the U.S. -- and it has been sold in the U.K. for the last year also.

This is fairly complicated as to exactly what kind of models and features are purchasable both in the U.S. and outside.
  While the Special Offers models are the only ones directly buyable as of today on the U.S. pages, you can UNSUBSCRIBE from the Special Offers as explained and linked above, or you can buy directly from the International Kindle page(s) and get the U.S. power adapter for $5 more than you'd pay if ordering the Special Offers model from the U.S. page.

This may change somewhat, as no announcements have been made while we are seeing changed U.S. pages and Canadian Nathan has led us to the International page he sees outside the U.S. which contains a table of where the Kindle Touch can now be bought outside the U.S. finally.

Kindle Touch 3G, US-only   Kindle Touch WiFi (US)   Kindle Touch WiFi-Only, outside US    Kindle Basic   (UK: KBasic)   Kindle Fire
Kindle Keybd 3G   (UK: Kindle Keybd 3G)   K3 Special Offers   K3-3G Special Offers   DX

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  1. Unfortunately, this doesn't yet work in the UK. When I select UK as the ship-to country, I just get an error pointing me to the UK site - which only sells the non-touch Kindle.

    1. Same here in Germany - just links to the normal Kindle 4 (non-touch) page on

  2. Anonymous, it's just a matter of (no doubt a short) time. Almost all European countries were included except the ones that sell Kindles themselves and Amazon has invested in those sites and those countries.

    They're slow getting these things into place (relatively speaking) and announcing them. They still haven't announced what we see, the pages that even actually work right now for people who would see them outside for whom that page will apply.

    Sorry it wasn't at the same time though. But they are the favored countries at this point, so you will maybe have an even better choice once it's done.

    Let me know when you see this available for the UK if you can. Thanks.

  3. Joerg,
    I hope it's very soon that your Amazon store there will get it. I really don't think it'll be long. They still haven't announced any of it, so I imagine they're waiting for all of them to be ready, with stock in place, everything signed etc...


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