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A Kindle Fire Tips & Tricks book. Some complete Beethoven works on 99 mp3 tracks for $2


While on a couple of other projects on a deadline, I've spent time, when taking breaks, on the Kindle forums since just before the weekend, joining others in answering questions and always finding interesting info from others there.

There are several things I want to pass on, so I'll concentrate on that this week.  Today, I have to complete the last of of those two projects and will just draw attention to a couple of items that Kindle customers might want.

Kindle Fire Tips & Tricks, by Tim Sievers, $1.99
  I don't know how I chanced on this small book, but I'm glad I did and I bought it immediately after reading the generous sample, which you can read online.

  The sample already had, for the first chapter, some tips I'd never seen.  It's very well written, very clear, and most of all, it's fun.  It's NOT a primer to the Kindle Fire but primarily a set of some neat shortcuts and tricks.

  Also, the LAYOUT is a pleasure, beautifully organized and pleasant to read, with good illustrations, and I think non-fiction Kindle authors should take a look at this one.

  NOTE: Amazon's User Guides are available in PDF format for each Kindle model.

  This writer, Tim Sievers, is just very well organized.  Again, not a Guide, not a Primer, just some very neat 'tips and tricks.' Released December.

ANOTHER Kindle Fire book which I just saw, but which I've not sampled or bought, has some raves and is $2.99.  The Kindle Fire Dept, by Gadget.  4 customer reviews, 5.0 stars average.  Worth a look.

31 Complete Beethoven works on an mp3 album, on 99 tracks for $1.99
16 hours of music - "Limited Time" deal.

Beethoven - 100 Supreme Classical Masterpieces
For those into Beethoven, or just curious, and wanting 99 tracks in the Cloud or on their Kindles for $2.

 (Erroneous title - it has 31 works but Amazon counts each movement as a 'masterpiece' -- there are some who might agree though.)

  Remember that you can play these from "the Cloud" on your computer also, using Amazon's Cloud Player, from any computer, with a password you choose.

  A cousin sent me this tip today and we both bought the mp3 album, since, among other performances on the $2 album, I've enjoyed Freddy Kempf's piano playing and did a webpage in 1999 to highlight his recordings when he was starting out.  He's now concertizing constantly in Europe and Asia, often in London.

  The Beethoven 'Archduke Trio' is by his trio, and the trio's CD received rave reviews when it came out just a few years ago.  As a hobbyist, I've loved playing through this piece with friends, so that is a real plus for me on this huge set.  Dubravka Tomsic is another excellent pianist, and some of her work is included on the collection of 99 tracks.  A customer points out that in addition to the symphonies, this is "one of the great bargains in the history of classical music.  Most of the performances are excellent, especially the Emperor Concerto, Missa Solemnis and Violin Sonatas."

  The album cover is funny -- someone with Beethoven's hair style and a grumpy expression wearing a modern suit and tie.  There are four customer reviews with 4.5 stars average and 45 "Like"s from Facebook.

  You can buy the 99 tracks separately but each one is 99c -- and since the album is $1.99 for a limited time (Amazon ends these things rather abruptly sometimes), it'd be silly to buy four movements of one piece for $3.96

Kindles and mp3's
The Kindle 2, 3, and DX keyboard models and the Kindle Touch play mp3s in the order in which they are placed on the device.  The Kindle 1 plays tracks randomly, so that won't work for complete works or for hearing pieces in the order you want.

ONGOING mp3-album and song deals
Top 100 free mp3 albums
Top 100 free mp3 songs

100 albums for $5.00 each
The current month's set has another 28 days to go, etc.

Today's Kindle Daily Deal

Vaccine Nation
, by David Lender.

Tues: $2.99, today (Wed): $0.99

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Check often: Temporarily-free recently published ones
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UK-Only: recently published free books, bestsellers, or £5 Max ones
    Also, UK customers should see the UK store's Top 100 free bestsellers.

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