Thursday, May 12, 2011

CONVERTER for Kindle, a new app from 7 Dragons - Update

Dragon 7 Group
, which brought us Notepad, the most popular longer-time Kindle app, has just released Converter ((Easy Conversions for Kindle).   As with other Kindle apps, Amazon has not yet made them available internationally.

From the product description:
Converter is a simple utility that lets you convert between different units of measure on your Kindle and answers common conversion questions.  How many Cups are in a Quart and how many Teaspoons are in a Tablespoon?  Having trouble converting between Celsius and Fahrenheit while visiting a foreign country?  Quickly convert among 76 units of measure in these 11 categories:
- Angle
- Area
- Energy
- Length/Distance
- Power
- Pressure
- Speed
- Temperature
- Time
- Volume
- Weight

There is more in the description on the product page.

Update - Typing Numbers on the Kindle 3
The Converter tool explains numbers on the Kindle 3 but here's a general explanation so you'll be prepared.  The combo of the alt-key followed by the hidden number keys on the top row work best and they're shown at the bottom of the pages.
[End of Update]

I've downloaded the utility and it's pretty fast, more so when you learn some shortcuts, and I especially like 'b' for switching the From and To types.

Instead of just depending on Menu options and Menu Help, you can view, at Vimeo, videos showing the Kindle Converter and Kindle Converter Shortcuts as well as several other videos on using the Converter.  You can select them in the box at the right at Vimeo.  Those include Intro, Detailed Intro, Quick Look, and Converter pages.

For 99 cents, a very helpful tool!

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  1. I'm delighted by the apps that Dragon 7 is bringing out, particularly since my special-offer Kindle 3 arrived yesterday.

    But, like the exception that proves the rule, their apps illustrate just how impoverished the apps for Kindles market remains. With my iPhone, this sort of release would have gotten lost in the noise of dozens of new apps every day The dark secret about the iPhone is that the gadget would just be a somewhat-better-than-average-to-use cell phone but for the myriad of clever apps that independent developers create.

    I know Amazon doesn't want the Kindle to lose its focus on reading, but there's a lot things that the Kindle could do via apps that wouldn't detract from that. If hundreds of thousands of apps for the iPhone and iPod touch haven't detracted from the two devices' appeal as a phone and music player, I don't think the Kindle as an ereader would be threaten by a few note-taking, productivity, and tourist apps.

  2. Mike,
    Hope you're enjoying the little Kindle 3.

    Making good apps for e-Ink may be a bit tougher, but I personally think that besides screening carefully the new Kindle apps for functioning & bugs (even mere updates are not released for over a month), they're likely spending more energy on the rumored tablet.


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