Sunday, May 15, 2011

TV Ad series: Kindle Friends 2 -- Books In 60 Seconds

She's off to the bookstore for the new release

He has the new book already

She seems to like what she sees.

He seems to like what he sees.

Definitely interested

No interruptions wanted though.

Okay, I'm a fan of this apparently continuing-series TV ad.  It's very cute, and the acting's natural.  Whoever did the casting did a good job.

Here's the first ad in this series which came out in late April when they were introducing the Kindle "with Special Offers" and Ads.

Amazon seems to be focusing, finally, on the Kindle's features.  This one is about the downloading of a new book release within 60 seconds from wherever they're standing -- more easily done with the 3G Kindle (UK: K3) when not at home/office or cafe. (See differences between 3G/WiFi and WiFi-Only).

That makes sense because whenever I'm reading somewhere and people ask about it so I wind up showing them the features, they invariably want one.  The first reaction is usually to the font clarity though.

Kindle Blog Edition subscribers don't have video on the Kindle, so this one's for them.

However, to see the actual video on a computer or suitable gadget, click here or on the first image at the top.

Kindle 3's   (UK: Kindle 3's),   K3 Special, $114   DX Graphite
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  1. For me the selling point is the readability of the screen and the price. The iPad is an awesome piece of kit but, like a laptop, when I sit down to read I quickly get sore eyes and something bings or pops up to distract me from my reading.

    And, just as importantly, the price is cheap enough for me to take the risk in buying one.

    BTW I love your comment on image 4!

  2. Gordi,
    That's why I still want my e-Ink Kindle for straight reading. Light and relaxing.

    That TV ad was fun to caption - #5 caption works for both, and on #6, she's more interested in the Kindle than in him :-)

  3. "(...) and on #6, she's more interested in the Kindle than in him :-)"

    That's not really true , Andrys .
    She silences him because he reminds her : "Weren't you going to the bookstore ?" .

    She's probably still interested in him , but she's just no longer interested in 'dead-tree text containers' .


  4. AthenaAtDelphi,
    She's shushing him, whatever he might be saying, because she's engrossed in the first page :-)

    All kidding aside, at the MOMENT, she was more interested in reading the new real book than in hearing from him. ;-)

  5. AthenaAtDelphi
    I saw a reply at youtube pointing out that this gal asks him to go to the bookstore with her but instead he wants to show her his new gadget LOL!

  6. "(...) but instead he wants to show her his new gadget LOL!"

    And at the end of the video she actually holds his 'new gadget' in her hands , and she's completely obsessed with it !
    Ugh !



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