Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Free Kindle Books - a few promos, 5/24/11

As usual, these don't include previews, teaser chapters, or individual short stories.  With an occasional exception, these are usually informational books or more popular ones suddenly free for a short time and which can be lost in all the long listings pointed to in the links-box below.  Those links at the bottom do include many short stories and fantasy/romance fiction popular today.   I've noticed a trend to offer much shorter e-books lately, maybe to match the 99c 'List Price' that works best for new authors.

The Dogs of Rome, by Conor Fitzgerald, 16 customer reviews, 4 stars
Publisher: BLOOMSBURY USA/WALKER (March, 2010)

From Publishers Weekly: "Fitzgerald's impressively plotted debut, the first in a projected contemporary crime series, introduces police chief commissioner Alec Blume, an American expatriate who's been living in Rome for the last 22 years. Since losing both his parents—art historians who were shot and killed during a bank robbery on Via Cristoforo Colombo...the flawed but endearing Blume uses his unique perspective to negotiate his way through a labyrinthine minefield that includes crooked cops, unscrupulous politicians, and an ancient city whose very history is steeped in the corruption associated with organized crime. Those who like gritty crime thrillers with a European flair will be well rewarded. "

From Booklist: "The appearance of a new police series set in Italy is guaranteed to whet the thirst of international crime-fiction fans, especially when a few sips evoke that heady Italian brew that comes from the smooth blending of a corrupt bureaucracy and a flawed, world-weary hero. Fitzgerald mixes the ingredients skillfully, adding a few flavors of his own ... The plot unwinds with some genuine surprises, though not of the simplistic whodunit variety, but the focus here is on character: Blume, of course, but also his colleagues, who are casually comfortable with corruption, as well as the wife, the mistress, and the killer. This promising debut is reminiscent of early Michael Dibdin, and that is more than enough to put Fitzgerald’s series on your radar. --Bill Ott"

The Lens & The Looker: Book #1 of the Verona Trilogy, by Lory S. Kaufman (Author), Lou Aronica (Editor), 7 customer reviews, 4 stars
Publisher: The Fiction Studio (March 1, 2011)

"The first Verona science fiction story is a terrific thought provoking tale.... The Lens and the Looker is a super opening act." --Midwest Book Review

This is Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Magic under Children's eBooks.

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