Sunday, May 1, 2011

New useful app, USA-only for now (still) - Calendar Pro - UPDATE


This was released April 28 and has 7 customer reviews, with 4-1/2 stars average.
No apps are available outside the U.S. yet, although Amazon has said they plan to make them available globally eventually.  Apologies to non-US readers who see the news but can't access the products yet.  I know it's frustrating.

  AND, as is happening with my current favorite-app, Notepad, people are giving low "1" ratings for an app if the app is not available yet in their country.  (I've not tried Calendar Pro yet.)

  AMAZON: Why don't y'all just *identify* protest-feedback about unavailable products (especially when the delay is on Amazon's side) as "Other" and treat them as what they are: not reviews of the product.  It's unfair to the authors and unfair to consumers trying to decide on products when we see ratings that are affected by protest-feedback that has nothing to do with the quality of the product nor even written by those who have the product.

  Protest-feedback should be identified and should not be counted in ratings against the product itself, since reviews are expected to be on products actually bought and used, and based on effectiveness.

  The protest-feedback could still show on the page, and customers interested in the product could read them, but the ratings really should not be made useless by Amazon's counting them in the actual review-ratings.

Back to Calendar Pro: it sounds good -- one caveat is that in this first update, it doesn't do recurring events, and Jujuba Software plans to add that in a future update.   In the meantime, other apps have been updated and submitted, but Amazon seems more than a month behind in reviewing the updates.

UPDATE: I've tried the app now and after initial confusion on navigation, its Help menu, available via the Menu button, clarified puzzlements, such as
1. using the 5-way button to go right, to get into Edit mode
      (rather than Return/Enter, which the Kindle navigation tends to use
2. first option to go to Today, or Agenda when 'Today' is not usually
      my first choice, and displaying no way to get to other views.

Using Help, you learn that you just press 'm' to get the month and 'y' to get the year. And there is usually context-help for every page via the Menu button.

My favorite thing: AGENDA. This shows you a text list of what is coming up for you, from your calendar entries.

1. I think Go to Month should be an option at the bottom (space permitting)
2. A Week-view option would be great
3. Recurring events - a must for wkly/monthly events + birthdays, etc.
4. A Search mechanism as is used in Notepad.

This'll be an app I use regularly.  It has a very clean feel and is easy to use once you get used to it. Also, it's very useful as a calendar that's always w/me that I can check and change easily for appointments.

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  1. Bravo! This is the sort of app the Kindle desperately needs. One problem though. For most of us, the Kindle does not stand alone. It needs to synch with the calendars we have on other devices much like iCal does for iPhones, even if the synching has to be done through Google Calendar. Or perhaps Amazon would be interested in adding synching services to their cloud services that work with any Kindle calendar app.

  2. Of course I could complain about the fact that this is a US-only app , but this is a joyful day : terrorist Osama Bin Laden has been 'neutralized' !!!

    This is how I thought about him almost 10 years ago , and this is how I think about him today :

    It took the Mossad more than 15 years to capture Adolf Eichmann ; it took the US less than 10 years to 'neutralize' Bin laden !

    Ruud Schmeitz
    The Netherlands

  3. Calendar for Kindle 2011 by Chris Graham is available in Canada

  4. Mike, the synching would probably need data-charges if using 3G wireless and of course the format would have to match GCalendar's.

    I read one note that said the basic cost to have GCalendar coordinate with another calendar is something like $40, but that's hearsay since I read it on a forum and have no other source.

    Any 3G data charges would have to be factored into such an app and then this would involve daily use or at least weekly.

    I wonder if they could detect/allow use of WiFi only so that cellular data charges wouldn't apply.


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