Tuesday, May 24, 2011

PC Mag says Amazon tablets will be ready by the holidays

PC Magazine's Tim Bajarin adds details to the Amazon tablet rumors

Bajarin expands on and verifies (to the extent he can without naming his sources) details in the Amazon Tablet Family story from May 16.

Bajarin writes (emphases mine):
' My sources in Taipei say that the actual product is set to debut in time for the holidays and that the device will use a display similar to the one in the Nook and the Galaxy Tab.

  They also tell me that the original RFQ wanted a screen that could switch between an easy-to-read black and white E Ink-like display and a color LCD, but that this type of screen, which is already in the works by at least two vendors, will not be ready for the market until at least 2012 or early 2013.

  So Amazon was forced to use a 10-inch screen that was available now, which is LCD-based.  It will also reportedly have a 7-inch model.  And I am hearing it will sport a new version of Nvidia's Tegra quad-core chip and will be using Android as its OS. '

  It's a long article.  On the 2nd page is this, re pricing:
' Owning these services and tying them to a solid tablet would be a brilliant move by Amazon, and this is why it's a no brainer for Amazon to add tablet hardware to its already successful Kindle ebook reader line of products.

  And if my sources are correct, it could price the 7-inch version around $349 and the 10-inch model around $449, which would be one of the more aggressive tablets on the market. '
There's much more at the article.

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  1. Could you please clarify when "the holidays" are? I think this may be an American phrase but possibly I'm just not keeping up with the lingo! Thanks.

  2. Stephen,
    In the U.S., this means the Christmas & New Year holidays, end of year. Matches what's been said so far.

  3. A 7" screen for one model? Oh I love that. That means it's probably coat-pocketable and thus likely to prove so popular that Apple will have swallow their pride and make one too, despite having poo-pood the idea. Apple as the 'me too' company. That's so rich....

    Something around 6-7 inches may be too big to be a phone, but it'd make a perfect on-the-go productivity gadget.

  4. Inkling,
    Yes, like the NookColor's size, and B&N is said to have probably sold more Android-based tablets than anyone else w/that model.

    Apple was said to have ordered a BIG supply of 7" screens late last year, so who knows?

    I really do like my NookColor for its size but because it doesn't have 3G I don't take it outside.


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