Monday, July 11, 2011

Amazon Tablet Rumors: Icewarp claims compatability with the Amazon tablet - UPDATE


In a press release July 8, Icewarp stirred more dust clouds in the rumor fields by headlining their release, "IceWarp is Compatible with the Upcoming Amazon Tablet"

Way to get attention!  There are a ton of gadget news sites reporting that this is somewhat based on the June 22 Digitimes report that I also included in my monitoring of stronger rumors 'back then' and many are quoting WSJ's Matthew Jarzemsky's pick-up of that June 22 Digitimes article when they quote the numbers expected for August and September.  They were quoting Icewarp's press release.

UPDATE - ZOKnowsGaming was one site, saying, "After taking a look at this press release from IceWarp, it quickly became evident that there is an official Amazon tablet, and it will be launching soon." Most of the others like Marketwatch and iStockAnalyst were just press releases.  Google now lists only 12, and when you click on the 12 articles noted, only 4 exist now.  Another one, XYDO, saying "...other things are being made clear.  One of them is the fact that there will be full support for the IceWarp unified communications server system" in a piece titled, "Upcoming Amazon Tablet Will Have IceWarp Support."  OpenSource merely quoted the press release, under the same "IceWarp is Compatible with the Upcoming Amazon Tablet" headline.  It's amazing how many carry these business wires, even Quicken/Intuit site.  There were 33 left, but a search of 'icewarp' and 'tablet' brought up an MSN Money story by Kim Peterson (same date as the others), an 'icewarp' search 'found' result, but that search word is not in there now, although her report includes: "A report in DigiTimes says Amazon has shot up to the No. 2 spot in terms of tablet orders from manufacturers.  ... But Amazon takes the second spot, placing orders for 1 million to 1.2 million units..."."

  One that no longer shows up in search results is ZDNet UK's by Jack Schofield, on July 10, which reported, "However, IceWarp has recently fanned speculation by issuing a press release with the headline: IceWarp is Compatible with the Upcoming Amazon Tablet." [End of Update].

 A later rumor [than June 22], by Canaccord Genuity analyst Bobby Burleson was cited by Motley Fool in the article on July 8 which reports that Burleson "waxes favorably on NVIDIA and Atmel as he's hearing that Nvidia's Tegra chip and Atmel's maXTouch touchscreen controller will be part of Amazon's device."

  However, the earlier June 22 article mentions "TechnoBuffalo's Noah Kravitz writing about his own sources giving him information that conflicted with the previous strong rumors of "Hollywood" and "Coyote" code-named models that would be based, earlier reports had said, on NVIDIA processors.

  Not so, says Kravitz.
  "My sources tell me Amazon’s tablet computer will run Android but feature Intel-based innards, and not an Nvidia Tegra processor, but what beats at the heart of Jeff Bezos’ secret creation is barely half the story here."

So, what will Icewarp's compatability involve?
  Will Icewarp be compatible with a tablet with NVIDIA or with INTEL chips?  Icewarp mentions neither in their press release, but see their subtitle of their release:

  Their subtitle is: -- Unified Communications & Collaboration provider’s standards-based architecture currently supports all standards-based devices, regardless of clients --

  From Icewarp's release:
' SPRINGFIELD, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--IceWarp is compatible with the upcoming Amazon tablet, the global provider of unified communications and collaboration solutions announced Friday.  A rare exception in the UC space, IceWarp’s architecture is based on universal standards, doesn’t depend on any client and supports all mobile devices currently on the market.

“We are looking forward to testing this new exciting product and providing IceWarp customers with the option to use it as a part of our versatile and extremely secure business communications system,” says Jakub Klos, IceWarp Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and co-founder.  “IceWarp’s philosophy is not to dictate what device people should be using.  We rapidly embrace any new communication gadget that improves today’s mobile worker productivity.”

IceWarp has full ActiveSync capability that allows it to offer full synchronization for both personal and public data - email, calendars, contacts, and tasks delivering rich user experience.

“Future Amazon tablet users will be tapping rich Android Apps market, that delivers a plethora of solutions, such as Jabber (XMPP) for mobile Instant Messaging, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for mobile multi-media conferencing – all supported by IceWarp,” explains Mr. Klos. “Paired with IceWarp, the tablet will deliver a full-fledged mobile UCC experience.”

They're saying that Icewarp is compatible with everything that's based on universal standards. Whether they're assuming the Amazon tablet will be or whether they've had any look at or involvement with any Amazon tablet isn't clear from this.

The press release continues:
' According to Dow Jones reporter Matthew Jarzemsky, Amazon (AMZN) is expected to hit the ground running in the tablet race, behind only Apple's (AAPL) dominant iPad in shipments seen in the 3Q. AMZN is likely to ship 1M to 1.2M units, beating the 750,000 to 900,000 seen for Acer (2353.TW), Samsung (005930.SE) and others, but trailing Apple's 14M to 15M. Total tablet deliveries, excluding unbranded generic models, seen topping 21M units, up from 13.5M to 14.5M in 2Q, Dow Jones reports. '

ALL that is quoted in maybe 50 stories today, but that one is an old story from June 22.  Well, old by today's rumor standards.  More:
' Already recognized as a leading email solutions provider, IceWarp (formerly Merak Mail Server) is deployed in more than 20,000 organizations and supports over 50 million users worldwide. The company disrupts the Unified Communications (UC) category by delivering all UC components (email, mobile synchronization, SMS, chat, voice and video) in one integrated, extremely secure and easy-to-deploy solution. Its customer include such market leaders as Marriott International, Inc. (NYSE: MAR) and Verizon Communications, Inc. (NYSE: VZ, NASDAQ: VZ), as well as small to midsized firms.

For more information, please visit IceWarp ( on Twitter and Facebook. '

So, was this just a deft way to get attention to Icewarp's email solutions program??  Or, am I missing something?  The fact that many news sites are reporting this as meaningful and citing WSJ's 6/22/2011 article [because Icewarp did) seems to indicate that it means more than I can see.  So, if you know what I'm missing, please add a comment. Thanks.

See the ongoing List of stronger Amazon tablet rumors with dates, titles and links to the Kindleworld blog articles, with linked sources.  [This won't be one of them.]

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  1. This is a joke, right? One of those bogus April 1 product announcements that somehow got delayed a few months. Tomorrow, we'll all be laughing about it and pointing fingers at those who got snookered.

    Otherwise I can make nothing of it. For instance: "IceWarp (formerly Merak Mail Server) is deployed in more than 20,000 organizations and supports over 50 million users worldwide. The company disrupts the Unified Communications (UC) category by delivering all UC components (email, mobile synchronization, SMS, chat, voice and video) in one integrated, extremely secure and easy-to-deploy solution."

    Fifty million people 'disrupting' through IceWarp and I've never heard even one of them? Hey, it's not like I live in a cave. I'm in Seattle, a local bus ride away from Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing, and part of Adobe. Is it so secure they kill you if you tell someone about it? Naw, I don't think so.

    Also, I checked. All that comes up in iTunes is an "IceWarp Press Outreach" podcast that no one has reviewed. Nothing but press releases? No iPhone app? So, how can they say it "supports all mobile devices currently on the market?" ?

    V.e.r.r.y suspicious.

  2. Inkling, I've no idea. In line with what you found, even a 2003 download offer of Icewarp web mail has only ONE rating.

    A couple of people bring it up at a talk forum saying they've heard good things about it. Who knows. It's not in a category where personal users get involved. But the press release was STRANGE and I do think it was meant to just get them attention. The content inside it makes no sense, in relation to that headline.

  3. Inkling, I forgot to say I've updated the article since I was wondering why there were so many stories before citing Icewarp, but not later in the day. At first I thought it was a dropoff in date, but one is from July 10 from ZDNet UK.


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