Thursday, July 14, 2011

WSJ expands article considerably. WashPo-Techcrunch comments on it.


The link to the WSJ article July 13 now leads to a largely-rewritten one putting even more emphasis on Amazon challenging the iPad (a dramatic angle), when, as the Washington Post/Bloomberg/Techcrunch article points out, the Amazon tablet is more of a 'threat' to Google for the reasons they give in their article.

Word changes are interesting.  Yesterday, it was that the tablet would be 'introduced before October' and today it's that it'll be "released by October."

The article now goes extensively into the battlefield aspect of it all, and you can read that at the same link, as I'm not including much of the iPad angle here.

  Newly worded paragraphs of more interest:
' Amazon's tablet will have a roughly nine-inch screen and will run on Google's Android platform, said people familiar with the device.  Unlike the iPad, it won't have a camera, one of these people said.  While the pricing and distribution of the device is unclear, the online retailer won't design the initial tablet itself.  It also is outsourcing production to an Asian manufacturer, the people said.

  One of the people said the company is working on another model, of its own design, that could be released next year. '

  I actually mentioned yesterday that a more advanced model was said to be expected in 2012.

  Then they mention (and the Washington Post does also) that an Amazon tablet might cannibalize sales of its Kindle.   Despite all the current news stories that e-reader sales have been going through the roof while tablet sales have slowed, the idea of a Kindle killer persists.

  More new material:
' A person familiar with Amazon's thinking said it [is] still figuring out how to market the tablet computer.  One issue is whether customers will want to buy both the tablet and Kindle, which is viewed as a dedicated-reading device for bookworms. '
' Amazon spokespersons have said that surveys show that many who value reading books have chosen an e-ink reader AFTER buying a tablet.  Some will want one or the other and some will want both.  I have a Kindle and a NookColor (more of a tablet), as they complement each other.

WSJ writers Stu Woo and Yukari Iwatani Kane, with contributor Amir Efrati, mention that Sony unveiled, yesterday, prototypes of a tablet and a wallet-shaped dual-screen portable device to be available later this year.  That should be interesting.

New wording re the two updated versions of its e-Ink Kindles now omits yesterday's description of an "improved and cheaper adaptation of the current Kindle," which has me hoping again that the second 'improved' Kindle is the 9.7" e-Ink Kindle DX Graphite rather than what they termed "the Kindle" yesterday, which is a term usually used by Amazon, since August, for the WiFi Kindle 3.

 Here's the rewrite:
' Amazon plans to introduce two updated versions of its black-and-white Kindle in this year's third quarter, people familiar with the matter said. One of the new Kindles will have a touch screen, which current models don't have. '
The word "cheaper" for "the Kindle" is gone.

Forrester's "Ms. Epps" mentions that "Amazon is also in a position to offer a cheaper alternative to the iPad" and "could sell the tablet at a loss while hoping to make money on sales of movies, music and books" but says that Amazon lacks a natural brick-and-mortar outlet and that the tablet "may be less refined than the iPad."

The Washington Post/Bloomberg's article explains how the tablet could be very successful for Amazon.  They consider the coming tablet a "sort of placeholder until Amazon's own version is ready."

When describing the threat of an Amazon tablet to Google, they point out that the Android appstore is complicated (Amazon's target crowd is one that doesn't want to depend on computers). Their take on this:
' Amazon needs devices they can ship with the store pre-installed.  And more importantly, their stores pre-installed.  As in, any device they ship is going to be filled with Amazon to the brim.  That includes the ability to sign in to your Amazon Prime account [to] buy things with one click...When that happens, Amazon will have an Android tablet that is more compelling than any other Android tablet on the market on day one '
They also say that Amazon will be less dependent on Google 'carrots' (Google branding, Google apps) offered to partners and this will be interesting to watch.  For sure.

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