Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mirasol color e-paper readers due from someone soon, they say


This is just an alert to a Kindle Forum thread about what Qualcomm's Mirasol reps are reported to have said on their Facebook page recently in response to questions.

Wiiman writes that he's been watching the discussions there.

  As most Kindlers who watch the ereader news know now, Mirasol is an e-paper technology that has similarities to e-Ink except that it's in color (muted and subdued colors) and has a fast refresh rate.  Because of that much faster refresh rate, unlike the Kindle, Mirasol screens can handle video.

  Last I heard, they were thinking of a 5" display (and the 6" screen is already too small for most PDFs, for many of us).  Wimman reports at Kindle forum the recent Qualcomm responses:
' "Hi Wei, thanks for the question.  As a display component supplier, we'd like to see our consumer-facing partners ship mirasol enabled product before the end of the year.  We'll keep you posted."

  And also from mirasol's FB page "Hi Kevin, thanks for the question and for your frequent participation.  You are exactly right about product schedule control.  We, along with our customers, expect to see products later in 2011.  That's about as specific as we can get at this point (deferring to our customers)."

 It's a known fact that Amazon has had the mirasol tech in their labs for "testing" for some time now... '

  I'm not sure why he doesn't provide links to the described quotes at Facebook.  I imagine he'll update the thread when/if he reads anything that might be of interest re Amazon.

Also, see a recent blog article here about Mirasol and ereaders:

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