Thursday, July 28, 2011

New active content for Kindle: Hidden Expedition: Amazon + Nonogames


Hidden Expedition:

  The image on the right caught my eye last night, and the game that it's from reminds me of the old text games with clues to be picked up and used except that this is more visual.  The image was in color, and of course the Kindle readers (K2, KDX, K3) are not.

  I liked the quality of the b&w images though, and the lead example is from that set.

  It already has some good customer reviews (8 out of 9, with 5 stars).  The Product Details section shows a July 12 release date, but I hadn't been taking note of games for Kindle recently because they're not yet available for international users.  But this looked interesting.

  Hidden Expedition®: Amazon™ has been popular in other editions, and Big Fish just announced the launch of the Kindle edition.

  Businesswire's press release describes the game:
' ...players join the Hidden Expedition team as they search for a missing professor in the mystical world of the Amazon jungle.  With a tattered passport as the only clue, players embark on an adventure deep into the rainforest, exploring cities, temples, and ruins while unlocking the secrets of an ancient yet advanced civilization.  The game features 19 beautifully rendered hidden object levels and four puzzles to challenge the mind. '

  VentureBeat's assessment:
' Hidden Expedition is a hidden object game, where the goal is to search through scenes to find items.  The graphical detail on the Kindle — even though it is in black and white — looks pretty cool thanks to what Big Fish Games was able to do with the latest E-Ink Pearl technology behind the Kindle’s low-power screen.  Each scene has been remastered for the E-Ink display. '

Also new, a Logic puzzle for Kindle
Nonograms is designed for logic and number puzzle lovers, per the Product Description, "simple yet challenging" with the goal of uncovering a hidden black and white pattern.  It has three difficulty levels, for "beginners and experts alike."
  Hints can be requested, and there's an optional time clock. The maker,
Metalgrass Software, says that those who like sudoku and similar number grid puzzles will especially enjoy these.

There are many new Kindle apps at the Active Content pages and you'll see them when you click on either of the above.  These two were chosen as examples because they are so different and will attract different groups.

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  1. When I see KINDLE, I think BOOKS. Perhaps they should save all of these non CORE projects for the Tablet that comes out in the 4th quarter.

    Continuing down this track makes it seem as though those of us who own a Kindle are missing something. Believe me, I own an iPad too, if you bought the Kindle to read books, you are missing nothing.


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