Friday, July 22, 2011

The KlearKase for Kindle 3 is now available.


The KlearKase for Kindle 3 (with the Kindle power slider at the bottom) is now available at Amazon.  Their case for the Kindle 2 was popular with those who want the extra protection of a splash-proof, transparent protective case that can be left on for normal use.

  Note that while this is splash-proof, it's not designed to be immersed in water (which requires more bulk and less flexibility), as it's not waterproof in that way.  It's good protection if you're by the pool and people are splashing water your way.

The KlearKase for Kindle 2 (with the Kindle power slider at the top) was preferred by some (see customer reviews there) to another maker's fully waterproof model which can be immersed in water but which doesn't allow you to turn the Kindle back On (after it goes into sleep mode) without opening the case.
  The KlearKase design does and also allows the Kindle to be charged in the case.

Some Technical details from the product page:
. Fits current generation Kindle 3 Only (power slider is on the bottom).
. Take your Kindle anywhere it may get wet, scratched, or dirty.
. Seamless access to the Kindle's controls (including power slider).
. Weighs only 6 ounces and includes free carrying bag.
The product page also mentions that the earlier case was featured on the Today Show, Budget Travel, Wired and more.  It's definitely added protection and different from the usual.  .
  Today, CNet's David Carnoy writes about the new case and features the company's video of the Kindle on a hydroplane :-)  He mentions that rubber seals cover the ports at the bottom of the Kindle but the seals can be lifted to access the ports, and the keyboard and buttons are usable through the case.

I don't have a KlearKase myself, as I'm not often near water, children with spillable drinks and more carefree handling of items, or pets, but I've watched the company's customer support on the various forums and they're unusually responsive.

What about a rumored Kindle 4?
While there are rumors about a smaller, touchscreen Kindle to be made available eventually, many on the Kindle forums report that they'll be staying with a non-touchscreen version on a 6" e-reader due to problems with precise highlighting on touchscreen models and somewhat error-prone virtual keyboards when making notes or editing them.  Others are looking forward to a touchscreen Kindle, as that would be much better for web browsing.  Ironically, competing e-readers using touchscreen technology don't have correctly-functioning web browsers and they're "hidden" for that reason, with workarounds discovered by some so that you can use them at all.

  The Kindle 3 became a huge seller due mainly to the high contrast e-Ink Pearl screen, which, on other vendor models, seems to lose some of that contrast with even the "IR" type of touch screens.   Earlier, I mentioned problems with the lighter shade of the font against the usual grayish background with the Nook Touch, which was also a serious issue for PC World's Melissa Perenson with the iriver Story HD e-reader.

  Yesterday, Laptop Magazine's K.T. Bradford mentioned the relative font lightness also:
' Contrast on the Story HD is on a par with the Nook but not quite as deep as the Kindle.  Still, it offers a good ePaper experience and won't wash out in sunlight. '

  And, of the Nook Simple Touch, Bradford's review in June noted that:
' With the two eReaders sitting side by side, the Kindle has slightly more contrast, but overall the two are fairly evenly matched.  Text stands out nicely against the background on the Nook, but it isn't as crisp as on the Kindle using the smallest font settings, making tiny text harder to read.  This isn't an issue once you move up to medium sizes. '

  For me, it was a matter of having to go to a large font on that e-reader, to get the good screen contrast I'm now used to on the Kindle 3.  I prefer my LCD-screen NookColor for reading text, over the Nook Touch for that reason (though not in direct sunlight of course).

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  1. Well, I have scratched my screen after less than a month. The dog pulled it out of my hands and the floor scratched it. So I can now see the value of a screen protector or a cover for it.

  2. If it's less than a month, call 866-321-8851 and let them know what happened and ask if you might qualify for a replacement even though it was your dog's fault :-)


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