Friday, July 15, 2011

Now it's a 7" tablet that's due first and already being shipped to Amazon?


That's what everyone's favorite source these days (though it sometimes produces conflicting information) said yesterday.
  Digitimes reported that "Quanta Computer has begun shipping a 7-inch model to Amazon" and that Foxconn "has reportedly landed orders for 10.1-inch tablet PCs from Amazon with shipments to begin in 2012."

While saying that Foxconn declined to comment, they write that "sources at the tablet supply chain" explain that they were able to "land tablet PC orders" because they've been producing the Kindles.

They go on to say that Foxconn "is also likely to produce 12 million units of Kindles for Amazon, and 38-40 million units of iPads as well as 80-85 million iPhones for Apple a year, the sources indicated."
' Amazon is outsourcing the production of touch sensors to Wintek, with total purchasing volume to top 1.8-2 million units before the end of September. Amazon also purchases touch modules from J Touch and Young Fast Optoelectronics, with industry sources indicating that Amazon may also add touch panel makers TPK Holding and Cando to its supply chain later. '

They conclude the report with "there is a possibility that Amazon may launch the 10.1-inch model in advance in late 2011 to meet the year-end holiday demand in the US and Europe. "

See the ongoing List of stronger Amazon tablet rumors with dates, titles and links to the Kindleworld blog articles and sources.

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