Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Amazon and its continually-changing Kindle Product displays - UPDATED often

Two minutes ago, while I was taking screen captures to show what Amazon was displaying for both Kindle Touch devices, I confirmed they were both showing NO selling-box, only 3rd party ones.

Here's the WiFi only KTouch, at 9:41 AM PDT

At their Amazon pages will be whatever they're showing at the moment (as they keep changing these, which is of course not how it's usually done)

WHILE I was taking the 3G Touch's screen capture after doing the Kindle Touch's WiFi Only one, Amazon changed the display again (after showing no selling-box last night and early morning except for 3rd party sellers).

  Here's their new display of the Kindle Touch 3G after an overnight display of no Amazon selling box.

  So, NOW it shows the Kindle Touch 3G back again, this time "In stock on August 24, 2012" - which is two days from now.  They also more aggressively draw notice to a box stating "Certified Refurbished" ones with a savings of $20.

More later ...

Back again ...
  Well, yes. What kind of chaos is going on at the Kindle Touch pages?  NOW it's back to no sales box, at 10:04am.

  Who knows what it'll show when you see the product page next?

One thing we know for sure -- Amazon is very busy trying to fix those pages to show the right status, whatever it might be at any time.

  Addendum - later checks, text-only results
    .  11:33 AM - The KTouch 3G page now says: "Expected to ship in 1 to 2 weeks."
    .  11:33 AM - The KTouch WiFi-only page still shows no sales box.

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  1. Something new (at least to me) - now the Kindle FIRE is only "available from these sellers." So now all Touch models and the Fire are not available. Can't wait for the 6th!

  2. Tyler, yes. At the same time, Amazon sent an announcement about it being sold out and of course the App store in European areas being open now...

    I guess this will be worth going to the press conference for (it's 500 miles away but it's better than 3,000 miles away).


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