Monday, August 27, 2012

Kindle Tips: Doing Faster Web Gmail on Kindle Fire w/ Basic Html mode and Article View

Web Gmail (or any web email) can be read from virtually all tablets and smartphones with web access.

The trick is to choose the basic Gmail mode but not so basic (as with 'mobile' versions) that it doesn't resemble what we're used to doing with GMail.

For this, I use Gmail's Basic Html mode (Link: )
  Note that "http://" doesn't have to be typed on the Kindle Fire or most browsers anymore, as it's generally put in for us as a web browser feature.

Web Gmail text - Eyeglasses and Full Screen icons at bottom right ('folders' or labels at left)

Web Gmail text display after Full Screen icon was clicked

Web Gmail text after Eyeglasses icon was clicked and now in 'Article View'

Click on any image to get the larger, more readable version

The first screen shows the Kindle Fire bottom status line, which includes a Menu (rectangle looking like a washboard or air conditioner), a bookmark symbol, and -- when "Article View" is available for the content on the screen -- a pair of eyeglasses.
  At the right of that bottom status line, in the corner, is Amazon's web browser's full-screen icon, showing you can enlarge the display and get rid of fat status lines.

  Amazon's web browser is called "Silk" the way Mozilla's browser is called "Firefox"

That Menu icon mentioned above -- Click on that and then Click on "Settings"
  My own web menu "Settings" (you may want something different) are:
  .  Text size: Normal is Checked
  .  Default zoom: Close is Checked.
  .  Auto-fit pages: Format web pages to fit the screen - Checked
  .  Desktop or mobile view: Desktop: Optimize for desktop view is Checked.
        (That's important for running youtube, too.)

The second screen shows the Kindle Fire text after the Full-Screen icon is clicked.  The Gmail "Basic Html" mode works very well with the most smaller-screen tablets and smartphones.

The third screen, still using the email newsletter from DVD Catalyst (an excellent mp4 converter for Kindle fire videos, and well worth the $10 - see user word-of-mouth on that) is now displayed in Amazon's "Article View" which is nicely sized and formatted.

  I don't remember seeing the eyeglasses icon and 'Article View' available for GMail before, but maybe I just didn't notice it.

I prefer using web gmail instead of email that uses storage space on the Kindle Fire, because it's hard enough to keep track of email as it is, and this will just let you see and reply to any web Gmail from anywhere, using the web browser features available on any of your devices, with all web mail accessible and replyable in one place.

Hope this helps some.  The one thing I hear most about the Kindle Fire is that owners don't know you can double-tap on web pages to get the words at a nice medium size while wrapping the text at the edge of the display, and this often gets the ads and other links out of the way.  However, the "Article View" feature is a bonus feature, as it's considerably more readable.

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