Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kindle News: Verge receives an image of a new Kindle Fire? - Update2

VERGE receives an image of the new Amazon Kindle Fire

  Actually, The Verge's Chris Ziegler reports they received a second image too but they were asked not to show it.  Click on the picture to see the larger image and the full story at Verge, which mentions more on that.

  They were told that a 'pair' of Fires is likely, though it wasn't certain if they would come at the same time.  The virtual keyboard is huge here so they think it's the 7" that's being shown, but they don't know.

  Personally, I would miss the Widescreen movie aspect ratio that filled up the first Kindle Fire.  But I won't miss it in that I'd likely keep my original Kindle Fire just for that.

  You can see what would be a webcam lens at top center, and the icons are lined up on the side in this Landscape-mode picture.  Otherwise, there's nothing remarkable about the look of it yet.  No image of the back of it. (Why is Amazon sending images now? Just so that people like me will keep up the gab?)

Again, see the full Verge story for more details.

Update - The comments on The Verge board are so overwhelmingly negative to the plainness of the image and what some think are Photoshop artifacts, that many understandably think that The Verge may have received a 'fake.' We'll know soon enough.

Update2 - Verge added, to the first report, the following:
   ' Update: Though we know that this image originates with Amazon, another source adds the following:
"That picture you guys posted is not the new Kindle Fire. I know because I have held the new Kindle Fire in my hand and played with it for extensive periods of time... the bezel on the new Kindle Fire is wider. It has sloping sides like the old Motorola Xoom, so it sits nicely in the hand."
Whether the picture above is an unfinished prototype of the new model or one of several devices that will debut next week, we don't know yet, but we can confirm that it's authentic and is part of a larger set of images depicting a new Kindle device. '

Nothing added to the later story on added images, as of now.

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