Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kindle News: Amazon Appstore rolls out across the EU today and Kindle Fire "1" is sold out - Update

Amazon announced this morning that its Amazon Android Appstore is now open and available in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

ALSO,  Today's FREE APP OF THE DAY everywhere is Angry Birds (Ad-Free)

Their press release from Seattle and Luxombourg states:
  'In Germany, France and Italy, customers will find “App-Shop” available today; in Spain, customers will find “Tienda Apps;” and U.K. customers will find the “Amazon Appstore for Android-UK" '

The UK direct link (currently it's only a page for downloading the appstore app):

Direct Links to appstores (Getting Started) for each country:
In the non-US countries, these links are showing up today on various Amazon product pages.   I checked the websites (for what I can see from here), and here are direct links to the app-shops or appstore app in Italy, Germany, FranceSpain, and the UK

Amazon also adds a direct link for getting the appstore app:
' Customers can get the Amazon Appstore for their Android phones and tablets by visiting '

The European appstores
Amazon's description of these:
' Amazon’s Appstore offers a great selection of games and apps, including local favorites like “Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meals” and “Skyscanner,” established bestsellers like “Fruit Ninja” and “Cut the Rope,” and new apps from top-tier brands like Rovio and Glu Mobile.
  In addition to localized content and a localized mobile store for each specific country, European customers will have access to popular Amazon Appstore features like the “Free App of the Day,” which offers a paid app for free every day.

Today’s Free App of the Day is the ad-free version of “Angry Birds.” All Free Apps of the Day are specially-selected for the Free App of the Day program. Apps and games purchased from Amazon can be used across a customer’s Android devices, enabling them to buy an app or game once and enjoy it everywhere. '

Roxio has offered Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons as free app of the day in the past year and today they're offering this one for free.

Amazon announces that (surprise) Kindle Fire is "Now Sold Out"
And we know why.  I'm glad they're saying this so we don't have to have more unofficial alerts that another current Kindle is no longer available, and in this case we can be sure why now.  They explain by saying they have "an exciting roadmap ahead" and Sept. 6 seems to be the magic date for getting a glimpse of that roadmap.

  I received a media invite and have decided to get a look closer up (I'm 500 miles away) at what they'll show that day.

The press release mentions that in 9 months, the Kindle Fire "captured 22% of tablet sales in the U.S."

Update   Earlier text about 22,000,000 movies mentioned shows currently that the 22,000,000 applied to ALL digital content.  Last week it was 18,000,000 of those, including apps, games, books, etc., while there are 22,000 movies said to be available for prime instant video (as part of free shipping program for $79/yr or $6.58/mo.)

  For daily free ebooks, check the following links:
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 The Kindle Daily Deal

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Most Popular Free K-Books
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