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Kindle News: A couple of special Kindle or Amazon deals today - UPDATE

UPDATE, Aug 6,
to include two other large- discount areas in Amazon's reminders.

Amazon announced a "New Bargain Books" area, with a straight 60% discount off print books (hardcover and paperback) for those who still want paper books if they're priced right.

  These are "recently discounted editions of popular titles"

Back to School
Amazon also sent out a reminder about its Back to School area with special deals for grades 1-12 and college.  That includes up to 90% on used textbooks and 30% on new + 50% off select office and school supplies.

Reminder:  Amazon is currently offering 40% off select Kindle devices and accessories when using the Amazon.Com Rewards Visa card

  That's at the cardmember-exclusive special Kindle-related offers page.
  Remember to enter promo code KINDLE40 in the "Gift Cards & Promotional Codes" box to get the 40% discount.

Snugg Kindle Fire Case at 71% discount
The image for this blog entry is of a Snugg Kindle Fire Case with leather cover and flip stand (for horizontal and vertical use), made by "the Creators of the Number 1 best selling iPad 2 case."

  Normally $34.99, it's $9.99, so is 71% off and is listed as Prime, fulfilled by Amazon, and sold by Charon Int, which gets a 4.9 stars average rating out from 11,228 ratings and a 97% positive feedback.

  CAVEAT and TIP: The '1' review ratings are complaints that in Landscape mode (a mode I use the most), the cover goes over the Exit button and some say it covers some other essential menu buttons too. This would be a No-Buy for me, except that Charon writes, to at least one of these reviews, that they discovered that they had a "bad batch" produced during the start of production and that if you use the 'contact seller' link on your order and let them know you received a bad one (which apparently affected an earlier batch), Charon can bring up your information and get you a replacement.

  Amazon has a 30-day full refund policy anyway.
  Some also say that the stand is not that stable, but 93 of 122 reviews give it a 4 or 5 star rating (66 are 5-star reviews).

  As for me, I tried several and the one I like most (somewhat padded and it all works well) is the ACase (slim,padded), which I describe, along with other cases on an earlier blog entry.   It's still only $12 and has Prime shipping also.  It's not, however, designed to stand up vertically though.  I do that by just bending the sides in, but it isn't the stablest arrangement if you want vertical.

Amazon Local Special Offers
I hope that those who are interested in AmazonLocal's special orders are checking them daily, and early for some of them.  This morning I saw the deal for a free voucher to get $3.99 toward any video rental or purchase from Amazon Instant Video, to be used by Aug 12, and I grabbed one.  After I got back, I was going to put an alert on this but at noon, I see the offer is gone as they're "sold out" of whatever allotment they had.
  So if you're into these, check them daily & early.  I didn't open a Kindle today but got my notice by e-mail.

Discounted / Price Dropped Kindle eBooks II - the ongoing Kindle Forum message thread
  I haven't mentioned these for awhile, but there is an ongoing message thread in which Kindle owners share information on recent drops in pricing on specific Kindle books, often with some added info by the person posting it.

  Here's a link to the thread starting from August 4.  There are fewer alerts the last two days than there used to be, but enough to take a look.
  An unusual alert there on August 3 was not for a Kindle book but for a subscription to Newsweek at $5 for 6 months of both print and Kindle editions, but that changed to $24 the next day -- so that's a forum thread you might want to watch.
  The link I gave is to a specific day to start, but you can look at previous days or keep up with ongoing alerts after that, as Amazon keeps track of the last message# that you read, so that you can start from there next time.
  Prices are discounted often for only a very short time and are promos, and that's another reason to watch the list.

  A current item: A complete mp3 album of James Taylor's Greatest Hits for 99 cents.  I've no idea how long that price will be there.  Some discounted prices are good for half a day, some for 2 weeks.

  There are also books that won book awards or were short-listed for them, at much lower prices (for however long) and also one from Hachette, "The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe" by J. Randy Taraborrelli, "for $2.99 (down from $12.99)."

Kindle Fire  7" tablet - $199
Kindle NoTouch ("Kindle") - $79/$109
Kindle Touch, WiFi
- $99/$139
Kindle Touch, 3G/WiFi - $149/$189
Kindle Keybd 3G - $189, Free, slow web
Kindle DX - $379, Free, slow web
Kindle Basic, NoTouch - £89
Kindle Touch WiFi, UK - £109
Kindle Touch 3G/WiFi, UK - £169
Kindle Keyboard 3G, UK - £149
  Keybd: w/ Free, slow 3G WEB
OTHER International
Kindle NoTouch Basic - $109
Kindle Touch WiFi - $139
Kindle Touch 3G/WiFi - $189
Kindle Keybd 3G - $189
  Keybd: w/ Free, slow 3G WEB

  For daily free ebooks, check the following links:
Temporarily-free books - Non-classics
USA: by:
   Publication Date  
   Bestselling   High-ratings

UK: PubDate   Popular
The Kindle Daily Deal
What is 3G? and "WiFi"?       Battery Care
Highly-rated under $1,  Newest: $1-$2, $2-$3
Most Popular Free K-Books
U.S. & Int'l (NOT UK):
   Top 100 free
   Top 100 free
USEFUL for your Kindle Keyboard(U.S. only, currently):
  99c Notepad 1.1,   99c Calculator,
  99c Calendar,   99c Converter

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