Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Amazon Tablet rumors: Digitimes says 10-inch tablet STARTS mass production in 1st Qtr 2012


  I had mentioned conflicting information on July 27 when Digitimes had reported on July 15 that Quanta was already shipping 7" tablets to Amazon but on July 27 was saying that Quanta "will be solely responsible for assembling the tablet, the sources noted."

Digitimes' Yenting Chen and Joseph Tsai write today a headline that conflicts with earlier information from other sources (one being BYTE magazine's August 10 article on what they described as dual-screen technology on a device that was being pushed up from early 2012 to shortly after Thanksgiving this year).  Par for the course with rumors.

TODAY's Digitimes article says that
' Mass production of Amazon's 10.1-inch tablet PC reportedly will be conducted in the first quarter of 2012 with Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) to handle the orders, according to sources from upstream component suppliers. '

  The headline they used -- capitalized emphasis mine:
  "Amazon 10-inch tablet PC to START mass production in 1Q12"

According to Digitimes, the 7-inch tablet to be supplied by Quanta Computer "is expected to start shipping in October, the sources added"

  Many had hoped for an 8.9" display on the first tablet, but articles are fairly consistent that a 7-inch one is coming.

  They also put out an impossible to substantiate statement (volume-wise) that Foxconn, to which Amazon is said to outsource the production of its Kindle readers, is involved with "an estimated volume of 15-18 million units, accounting for 60-70% of global e-book reader shipments of 25-30 million units in 2011"

For a history of earlier tablet-rumor articles: see the ongoing List of stronger Amazon tablet rumors with dates, titles, and links to the Kindleworld blog articles with sources.

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  1. I wish they'd just announce it already! I'd know that my wait would be fruitful and then they could take their time.

    I really want to replace my iPad, and I'm tired of waiting for Amazon to make a move. ESPECIALLY in light of how long the rumors swirled before the iPad actually became a reality.

  2. I am so not interested in a Kindle tablet or a tablet of any kind. I am interested in a possible Kindle 4 reader. I've been holding off buying the Kobo Touch (I live in Canada) because of a possible Kindle 4 which would, no doubt, be more than serious threat to Kobob Touch. But, that's just me. For tablet lovers I'm sure this is good news.

  3. Jazz,
    Good idea about an announcement in advance, which they've done in the past.

    The iPad 3 should worth thinking about though, if it really has that retina display.

  4. Owen,
    The Kindle will always have more features than the Kobo but the latter has a touch-screen. Reviews aren't very high on the Kobo's functions, unless you are reading in a different language, since Kobo has support for other languages on it.

    No idea when the Kindle 4 will be here, but most expect it to be very soon. If it's touchscreen, it may have somewhat less screen contrast, judging from the Nook Touch, the Kobo, and the iriver devices. But most today seem to want touch screen devices.

    The tablet news wasn't great, because it's been hoped the 10" tablet would be ready for the Holidays this year and this latest article indicates they won't start shipping until next year... I think we'll live though :-)

  5. Andrys, thanks for the reply.

    When the Kobo released I spent an excessive (make that obsessive) amount of time on-line comparing the e-readers, esp the Kobo Touch and the Kindle 3. A Touch screen isn't that important to me. Features readers want are and for all KTs firmware updates (which I follow online) the Kindle3 still kills the KT. I also need an e-reader that will allow me to easily (that's easily) borrow from my public library and there Kobo seems to win in the non proprietary format realm, unless I am mistaken. My (don't hold my breath) hope is that a new Kindle (Touch or not) will be kinder with DRM

    You've got a great blog and I've enjoyed spending (too much) time here in recent months ;-)

  6. Owen,
    While the Kindle will be able to be used to borrow books from 11,000 public libraries in the U.S. soon, with normal Whispernet downloads, the wording I've seen by Overdrive, the company handling this for all the libraries here, is "in the U.S." ...

    Does Overdrive handle any public library borrowing of e-books in Canada? I remember when Canada didn't have access to the free books on Amazon and now they do. Amazon also got permission, as a U.S. company to build in Canada (apparently that's not easy to get), so maybe it's just a matter of time, when the technology is in place that will have been working in the U.S. for awhile.

    I wish I had better news there though.

    Thanks very much for your generous words! Let me know if you'd like a focus on this or that.

  7. Andrys,

    OverDrive is used by Canadian Libraries including our own, Windsor ON. Our Library has earned multiple national and international awards in the past few years including one "innovative technology" and was among the first systems in the nation to be e-books (audio and other digital download) ready.

    Sadly, among the many e-readers listed for use with OverDrive Kindle is noticeably absent. However, the news you note will surely fix that problem for Americans with a Kindle. I've written the Media Contact for OverDrive to ask if their services will be available via Canadian libraries here in Canada. Kobo already has that capability so (aside from features we've been pining about above) being able to read in-copyright ebooks without trixy workarounds is a big plus (I say with regret) for me buying a Kobo.

    I've emailed the Media Contact person for OverDrive to ask if OverDrive services be available via my Canadian library on a Kindle? Perhaps that is a question for Amazon but I can't imagine hearing back from them.

    Speaking of focus on this or that, perhaps this is one of those don't ask questions but perhaps if I get a Kindle there will be a, um "workaround", to allow me to download a book from my library to my pc and format it for sideloading and reading on a Kindle?

    Happy reading...

  8. Owen, there are, and you can read about them at forums -- there is an easy fix for things like that for e-books you purchased that you want to use on another device but I have a feeling that the fix for library borrowing might not be worth it (I've not looked at that for over a year to see if that improved but it was not as automated).

    I hope you hear something positive from Overdrive for Canada but that is definitely a HUGE feature.

    Also, Amazon takes awhile re getting publisher rights in non-U.S. areas (while BN doesn't seem to try) but Kobo seems to do somewhat better with accessability to some e-books in a few other countries.

    Let me know, if you can, what you hear for Canada. Thanks.

  9. Andrys,
    I heard back from OverDrive, pronto. That's impressive. Sadly the news is not as impressive. The word is that at this time OverDrive does not have news to share about Kindle compatibility outside the States.

    I've been checking out the ease of converting Kindle books to Kobo and it seems fairly straight forward with the information presently available.

    You said, "I have a feeling that the fix for library borrowing might not be worth it" and I was expecting that really. I can easily read library borrowed books on the Kobo Touch via OverDrive pushing to Adobe Digital Editions with no fixing needed.

    Those two factors enable me to *read* which is what a reader most wants. While I would love some of the features a Kindle has long had it looks like it is Kobo for me while putting trust in their impressive FirmWare updates and willingness to listen to consumers and fairly quickly integrate the feedback into software.

    Of course, a year or so from now and it will be a whole new "book". If only my pocketbook could keep up.

    Happy reading...

  10. Owen,
    That responsiveness IS impressive!

    If depending on the library rentals (assuming the waiting period isn't outrageous as it is for many), I would choose another e-reader also!

    Kobo IS responsive though they release early and w/ problems usually, just to get the models out there. But I do like its current form factor a lot. And it WILL do for just-reading (though be prepared for relative slowness vs BN or Amazon currently, they say).

    The company's very flexible.

    Re purchased/owned e-books to be converted (to ePub), google
    alf perplexed

    Best to you! Keep us apprised about the pros and cons you see with your new e-reader too, if you can.

  11. Andrys,
    Yes, if I could afford two e-readers I would likely add a Kindle but I can't. As it is I'm hedging for the Kobo Touch as a birthday gift this autumn - well, a dad's gotta do what a dad's gotta do, no? ;-)

    Yes, I found Alf's non-perplexing tips last night myself and put them to the test with my Kindle4PC and calibre to morph my legally owned KindleBooks into a format reading for the Kobo Touch [Alf and morph seem to fit together rather well ;-)]

    Yes Kobo has rushed their product to market and then fuzzing the firmware. Thankfully that's balanced by their responsiveness and listening ear. Golly, maybe I need to start a Kobo World blog? ;-)

    I will continue to follow your blog because you cover a wealth of information of interest to me as an e-book reader. And, thanks again for your feedback in this thread.

    Happy e-reading...


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