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Free Kindle Books (8/12-14) + Newly Discounted Ones Found by Forumners + Amzn specials


Amazon's own ongoing listing of LIMITED-TIME OFFERS - Promos
  Amazon sorts these by Bestsellers first.
  I've added a separate sorting by Low-to-High pricing.

Unusual Publisher Sale for August - 8/3
Publisher Harper Perennial: sale of 20 titles for $20, or $0.99 each, through the month of August

Sourcebook celebrates Georgette Heyer's 109th birthday by discounting her 46 books for one week (Aug 15-21), to $1.99, including the campanion book "...Regency World."  Emily Bronte highlighted the Sunflwr38 pointer at the "Discounted..." forum thread.
  A discussion of her books

NEWLY and TEMPORARILY DISCOUNTED books forum thread:
  Forum-thread starter RandomizeME has a caution for authors:
  ' This thread is NOT a book promotion thread for authors, or for people to post about indies.  (And it's not for posting freebies either.)  This thread is to post discounts and price drops that readers find for books from publishers." '
  8/11-13, 8/13-14

NEWLY and TEMPORARILY Free Book alerts from the Amazon Kindle forums - via "Happy Reader" Joyce

NOTE: The alerts below are quoted as they appear in Joyce's collecting of newly and mostly temporarily-free books just released and are *not* books I've seen and are definitely *not* recommendations by me -- this is just a daily report.   They will become no longer free within days, usually.

 I'm experimenting with excerpting below, for readers' convenience, the daily alerts as they appear in the forums, and as a result these are "block-quoted."

Aug 12, Aug 12 - afternoon, Aug 12 - late afternoon, Aug 12 - evening, Aug 13, Aug 14

If on the Home Page,
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' You Are Free
Author: Matthew Montague

DESCRIPTION: Someone once told me that the difference between a fairy tale and a sea story was that a fairy tale begins "once upon a time..." and a sea story begins "no crap ..."


The Beginning of a Life Misunderstood
Author: Lynette Ferreira

DESCRIPTION: Flash Fiction of the beginning of a life misunderstood.


Kittyhawk Pilot
Author: James Edwards

DESCRIPTION: This is the true inspirational story of James "Stocky" Edwards, Canada's top living fighter pilot. The story begins in Battleford, Saskatchewan where Stocky grew up. During his childhood, shooting partridge, and working hard, Stocky learned the lessons that would serve him well during the Desert War. The story progresses through Stocky's training and then his posting over seas to the Desert War where he flew the P-40 Kittyhawk. This is the incredible story of a young Canadian who goes to war and becomes a superior pilot and leader of men. This book was written by Michel Lavigne and Stocky Edwards and first published in print in 1983.

Three Steps to Enlightenment
Author: Gary Rutz

DESCRIPTION: In a thirty year study of what was, what is and what shall be, Gary Rutz discovered the secrets to the universe, enlightenment and everlasting happiness. It is not so amazing really, because Rutz discovered what we all have within us. He listened to his own inner voice and trusted that the answers and were within him. After reading thousands of pages of history, philosophy, and critical thought, Rutz used a reductionist method to remove unnecessary complexity. Through accessible language and style, Rutz presents his discoveries in an easy to understand way.


The Whatever Society
Author: Steve Richer

DESCRIPTION: A world-class underachiever visits his brother who's a university researcher. Touching a wire he shouldn't, he's transported into the future where he discovers a society which puts his status as a slacker into question. Love and hilarity ensue. A cross between Idiocracy, Farenheit 451, and Back to the Future, The Whatever Society is a 5,000-word short story about dystopia, social changes, and reality TV. Don't miss this humorous tale where the worst of our present may turn out to be the best of our future!


From Sex Addict to Saint- Margaret of Cortona
Author: Alban Goodier

DESCRIPTION: Very Inspiring. Anything's possible with God's grace if we're humble enough to admit we need his help. Margaret is a good example of a life completely turned around. As a bumper sticker I saw once says: "God permits U-Turns."

Crossing the Bridge
Author: Michael Baron

DESCRIPTION: Hugh Penders has been stuck in neutral for nearly a decade since his brother Chase died in a car accident. He carries with him two secrets that he has never been able to share with anyone: that he believes he might have been able to prevent the accident, and that he was deeply in love with Chase's girlfriend, Iris. When Hugh's father suffers a debilitating heart attack, Hugh must return to the New England home he's been running away from for the past ten years. One day, he encounters Iris, who has long since moved away, on the street. They begin a friendship and Hugh believes he's falling in love with Iris all over again. But the ghost of Chase haunts both of them. And when each reveals a truth the other never knew, their lives, their vision of Chase, and their chances for a future together will change forever. Charged by the power of desire and the impact of loss, Crossing the Bridge is a soulful, romantic novel that will speak to you deeply.

When Hummers Dream: A Milford-Haven Story
Author: Mara Purl

DESCRIPTION: Can a hummingbird dream? Artist Miranda Jones thinks so. Sensing the tiny injured bird that wings its way into her world still lives, she paints the creature's dream-garden and seems to reach into his very heart. She reached into her own heart to create a new life for herself in Milford-Haven, the small town of undiscovered beauty on California's Central Coast, where one of her dear friends is environmentalist Samantha Hugo-a brilliant PhD twenty years her senior who gave up a son years earlier. Though the e-book stands alone, it also introduces Book 1 of the Milford-Haven Novels, the critically acclaimed, popular series, a multi-generational saga. Based on Purl's BBC Radio drama Milford-Haven U.S.A.

God Save the Mark
Author: Donald E. Weitlake

DESCRIPTION: Donald E. Westlake's great comic suspense novel, won MWA's Edgar Award in 1967. Con men descend upon its gullible hero when he comes into a $317,000 inheritance but Fred Fitch, as lovable as he is naive, stumbles to victory. Westlake's earlier novel THE FUGITIVE PIGEON virtually originated the modern comic-suspense genre so brilliantly refined in this later work.


Mute Witness
Author: Robert L. Fish

DESCRIPTION: A slimy district attorney, an assortment of inept police officers, an underworld boss turned snitch, and the hardboiled lieutenant charged with protecting him until his trial make up the cast of characters of Robert Fish's hair-raising 1963 novel Mute Witness. For Lieutenant Clancy of the New York Police Department, the assignment of protecting mobster Johnny Rossi soon turns into an investigation into who wants him dead and why. The inspiration for the Steve McQueen film, Bullitt, Mute Witness is a classic.


The House of Dr. Edwardes
Author: Francis Beeding

DESCRIPTION: The basis for Hitchcock's masterpiece Spellbound, Francis Beeding's The House of Dr. Edwardes is a chilling mystery set in an asylum in France. A study of good and evil that owes some of its brooding, portentous atmosphere to the Gothic fiction of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Beeding's novel is also a classic page-turner, a gripping work of suspense and intrigue.


The Wheel Spins
Author: Ethel White

DESCRIPTION: One of the Iris Carr's companions in coach, a sweet old woman, suddenly disappears on long train ride and none of the other passengers has ever even heard of her. Iris's increasingly desperate search uncovers a web of danger and intrigue. Basis of one of Hitchcock's most famous films, THE LADY VANISHES, (1938, England) with British cast headed by Michael Redgrave.

The Fifth Beauty
Author: Ellison James

DESCRIPTION: Deep within Chinese legend and folklore are four great beauties - women of such great beauty and intelligence that each influenced history. This story continues the legend with a little-known, fifth great beauty. The fifth great beauty was responsible for a new tea drying process that created fortunes and increased commerce within china, and eventually bringing about the fall of the last great Qing Dynasty to make way for the modern People's Republic of China. Told from the point of view of Taijin, a lowly scribe working within a tyrannical magistrate's house. A beautiful and mysterious woman called Azra comes to the magistrate in the night, seduces him, and eventually takes his life, leaving the position open for Taijin to take. But first, Taijin must officiate the tea harvest, now late from the magistrate's neglect, and find a way to dry the tea in time to make it to market. The result is Lapsang Souchong tea, renowned for its full flavor and portability over the vast ocean. The mysterious woman is none other than Azra, the demon succubus from the novel Lovestruck Succubus in a past attempt to find love. Fear not though, one can enjoy this story without ever reading the novel, although I would hope this story might entice one to read more about Azra in the future. This story contains adult subject matter involving sexual relations between adults.


Nikolas and Company Episode 1: Nick Lyons (Nikolas and Company: A Creature Most Foul)
Author: Kevin McGill


The Ant-Man of Malfen (The Chronicles of the Nameless Dwarf)
Author: D.P. Prior

DESCRIPTION: The Nameless Dwarf follows the trail of the last of his race to the mountains bordering Qlippoth, a wasteland born from the dreams of a craven god. But the survival of the dwarves depends on his willingness to confront the bloody deeds of his past, and the ruler of the brigand town of Malfen, who guards the pass into Qlippoth-an aberration known as the Ant-Man. The Chronicles of the Nameless Dwarf are a blend of Sword and Sorcery and contemporary fantasy, combining strange worlds, dark magic, heroic action and an astonishing depth of world building. The Ant-Man of Malfen reintroduces the Nameless Dwarf from the acclaimed SHADER series by D.P. Prior. Nameless is a manic-depressive pariah whose past is littered with atrocities. With an almost elemental ferocity and a gift for violence, he alternates between bouts of crippling depression and boisterous episodes of elation, which are usually brought on by the prospect of a good fight. He also has an eye for the women - particularly those under four feet tall. This story also introduces Silas Thrall, a student of the mantic arts with a dark secret that consumes him more each day; and Nils Fargin, son of the most feared guildmaster in New Jerusalem.


Broadmoor Revealed: Victorian Crime and the Lunatic Asylum
Author: Mark Stevens

DESCRIPTION: Broadmoor Revealed gives the reader a glimpse behind the walls of England's first Criminal Lunatic Asylum. Focused on the Victorian period, the book tells the stories of some of the hospital's best-known patients. There is Edward Oxford, who shot at Queen Victoria, and Richard Dadd, the brilliant artist and murderer of his father. There is also William Chester Minor, the surgeon from America who killed a stranger in London, and then played a key part in creating the world's finest dictionary. Finally, there is Christiana Edmunds, `The Chocolate Cream Poisoner' and frustrated lover. To these four tales are added new ones, previously unknown. There were five women who went on to become mothers in Broadmoor, giving birth to life when three of them had previously taken it. Then there were the numerous escapes, actual and attempted, as the first doctors tried to assert control over their residents. These are stories from the edge of where true crime meets mental illness. Broadmoor Revealed recounts what life was like for the criminally insane, over one hundred years ago.


From The Dead
Author: John Herrick

DESCRIPTION: A preacher's son, a father in hiding, a guilty heart filled with secrets: When Jesse Barlow escaped to Hollywood, he hungered for fame--but eleven years of failure result in a drug-induced suicide attempt. Revived at death's doorstep, Jesse returns to his Ohio hometown to make amends with his preacher father, a former love, and Jesse's own secret son. But Jesse's renewed commitment becomes a baptism by fire when his son's advanced illness calls for a sacrifice--one that could cost Jesse the very life he regained. A story of mercy, hope, and second chances, From The Dead captures the human spirit with tragedy and joy.


The Calm
Author: William Butler

DESCRIPTION: A short story by William Butler, author of the novels Bang and The House of Balestrom. Jean has decided to help her daughter, Linda, run away from home so Linda can be with Beth, the woman she loves. She had it all planned out on how she was going to get Linda out of the house before, Kevin (the controlling father) gets home. It doesn't work out as planned when a terrible storm hits the town trapping the three family members in the house while they wait it out.

Dinners Made Easy
Author: Stonyfield Farm
Genre: Cooking - Lifestyle - Recipes

DESCRIPTION: Your dinner crisis, defused. Take the stress out of your after-work dash. With this free e-cookbook from Stonyfield Farm, you'll always have healthy recipes on hand - and on your family's table.


Dog, Passing Through
Author: Andre Cruz
Genre: Fantasy - Short Read

DESCRIPTION: Real magic is a dream for most of us. After Michael loses his wife and his eyesight, he feels magic is a curse best to ignore. That is until his daughter uses a spell to save him from himself. This is a spell that heals the broken and it barks.


Author: Deanna Zhollis
Genre: Fantasy - Ghost - Romance

DESCRIPTION: It has been over 100 years since the Null War, and the Irids are still dying off. The only hope of survival is to find the Zircon: the only person who can weld the Prism power. However, their kind had all been murdered before the war, and popular belief is that only a Zircon can find a Zircon. Yet, Tarah's grandmother believes that Zircons still exist and claims to have discovered the key to finding one. But there is one problem; Tarah's grandmother is insane. It's up to Tarah to convince her hebdomad (the seven who weld each of the special power of the Irids) that they have no choice but to delve into the past and find a way to save their race. To do so, Tarah must break every rule of Irids, be seduced by the power of darkness and learn the harsh realities of light.


I, Zombie
Author: Nick Spalding
Genre: Fantasy - Science Fiction

DESCRIPTION: My name is Jim Monroe and I am a zombie. "My natural life on this planet has ceased and I've been re-animated to stalk the world as a pale, hollow imitation of my former self. "I'm different from my undead brethren though... I'm a zombie with a brain. "This is the short, shocking story of how I came to be this way." This short story is featured in Nick Spalding's humorous fantasy novel The Cornerstone. To find out more, visit Nick's Amazon page at the link below.


The Saga Hoard Volume 1 (Temple Libary Collection - The Saga Hoard)
Author: Unknown
Genre: Non-Fiction - Religious - Spiritual - Ethic

DESCRIPTION: The Icelandic Sagas are histories written in prose, describing life and events that took place during the Icelandic Commonweath period, around the 10th and 11th centuries. They are stories of families, adventures, feuding, deal-making, political maneuvers, wars, treasure amassed, great journeys, geneology, tribute given, kings, freemen, history, and myth. They are stories of the Norse and Celtic settlers and their descendants in Iceland during what is sometimes called the Saga Age.


Death With A Conscience
Author: Andre Cruz

DESCRIPTION: Mankind has discovered a new way to kill; a weapon called Scythe comprised of technology that can transform a soldier into a one-man army. But this weapon has a flaw, according to the soldier assigned to use it. It does not want to kill. When war breaks out, this weapon of mass destruction fears that it may not have a choice.


Mary Magdalene: A Woman Who Loved
Author: Steve Copeland
Genre: Religious - Spiritual

DESCRIPTION: A beautiful woman, a life changed by tragedy, driven into sin, condemned and rejected by her own people, a slave to despair, and desperate for love. She saw a light, reached out and touched it, and her life was changed forever. A Roman soldier possessed with power finds a calling in the caves of Mithra. Chosen by dark forces to do their bidding, he loses himself in hatred. Two souls beneath the cross of Christ.


A Knight in Central Park
Author: Theresa Ragan
Genre: Fantasy - Romance - Ghost

DESCRIPTION: The year is 1499. As Alexandra Dunn's farmhouse is set ablaze, her grandfather places precious stones in her palm, telling her she has until the next full moon to return with a hero...a brave, chivalrous knight to help save her family. Familiar objects become a blur as she is swallowed in darkness. Suddenly Alexandra is standing in the middle of Central Park, but she has no time to ponder on the wondrous powers of the stones or the amazing sights before her...she must find a hero before all is lost.

The Wind Knot
Author: John Galligan
Genre: Mystery - Fly Fishing

DESCRIPTION: After five years of self-imposed exile on the rivers of America, trout bum Ned "Dog" Oglivie is bound for reconciliation with his past.


The Everything Guide to Algebra (Everything Series)
Author: Christopher Monaghan
Genre: Algebra

DESCRIPTION: Whether you need help solving equations or determining the slope of a line, this guide gives you the tools you need to find your answers! Beginning with the basics, you will learn and practice all the skills needed to enhance your algebra expertise.


The Slackers Guide to U.S. History
Author: John Pfeiffer
Genre: History

DESCRIPTION: What does Miley Cyrus have in common with Sacagawea? How could Steve Jobs have helped Eisenhower? What does the moon landing have to do with the Hilton sisters? In less time than it takes to recite the preamble to the Constitution, most Americans can spout off all their U.S. history knowledge. (Hint: it starts with -In 1492- and ends with -sailed the ocean blue.-) That-s because most history books are as interesting as the phone book - and have the same number of pages. The average Joe (the guy who TiVo-d John Adams on HBO but won-t make Colonial Williamsburg his next vacation spot) needs a witty and edgy history book - and he has it, with this guide. Hysterical authors - and self-described slackers - Don Stewart and John Pfeifer give readers the bare minimum on important events such as: The Civil War (the war that pitted brother vs. brother-about the bruthas); The expedition of Lewis and Clark (the ultimate road trip); The Boston Tea Party (not much of a party unless that tea was from Long Island); and the assassination of JFK (one vacation that ended particularly badly). Combining current pop culture references and accessible historical information, this satirical book catches readers up on what they slept through in History 101.


Hurricanes in Paradise
Author: Denise Hildreth Jones
Genre: Religious - Spiritual

DESCRIPTION: When Riley Sinclair stepped into her new job as director of guest relations at a posh resort on Paradise Island, she felt the final pieces of her once-broken life coming together. But the waters become choppy when Riley discovers that some who come to the Atlantis Hotel are accompanied by paralyzing secrets and overwhelming fears. Riley and three guests are in desperate but unknowing need of each other, eventually forging unlikely yet powerful friendships. With a hurricane headed straight for the island, together they embark on a journey of laughter, heartache, and healing.


Please Stop Laughing at Me - Special eBook Edition
Author: Jodee Blanco
Genre: Mental Health - Abuse - Health Mind and Body

DESCRIPTION: A publicist (and author of The Complete Guide to Book Publicity) who has promoted several bestsellers, Blanco was once a troubled child, tormented by her school mates. In this moving account, Blanco describes how she was first victimized in a Roman Catholic grammar school because she defended some deaf children when they were picked on by hearing students. She gave the names of the ringleaders of this cruel activity to one of the nuns, and was subsequently ostracized by former friends for being a tattletale. After Blanco transferred to another school, she continued a pattern of reporting bad behavior to authority figures and became a true outsider. According to the author, her parents were sympathetic, but they made things worse by forcing her to see a therapist. He prescribed medication that made her sleepy and told her that "kids will be kids." In high school, she was physically abused by students who also objected to her "goody two shoes" attitude. During her teen years, Blanco's emotional problems were compounded by a physical problem that caused her breasts to grow at different rates (later corrected by surgery). Blanco does feel, however, that those painful early years gave her the strength to become a successful adult. Although the text is overwritten in parts, the author's courageous and honest memoir of the years she spent as the victim of her contemporaries points smartly to the inability of adults to deal with issues of serious bullying


The Everything Guide to Study Skills (Everything (School & Careers))
Author: Cynthia Muchnick
Genre: Study Skills

DESCRIPTION: * Includes all the basics, plus new information on web research, digital textbooks, virtual classrooms, and online study and writing tools* Fifteen percent of students take the SAT three or more times due to poor performance (* Only 63 percent of all students entering four-year colleges have their degrees within six years, according to government statistics (* The Everything® Study Book has sold more than 37,000 copies* Everything® education titles have sold more than 305,000 copiesStudying for school doesn't have to be a chore. This fun and accessible resource is perfect for students who want to develop better study habits and achieve academic success. Educational consultant Cynthia C. Muchnick helps readers improve transcripts for college applications; ace standardized tests; and become better, more successful students at any level of education.This indispensable guide shows students how to:* Get the most out of class time* Use the most effective strategies for note-taking and memorizing* Improve writing skills* Prepare effectively for tests* Safely and effectively conduct online research* Use Skype, iChat, or social media to form study groupsWith The Everything® Guide to Study Skills in their backpack, readers will be able to balance school and activities, avoid pre-test panic, and achieve consistently better results.

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