Tuesday, August 23, 2011

SECOND Class Action Suit Against Apple, this time w/ the Big6. Apple accused of altering 2nd photo in Samsung suit.

"Finkelstein Thompson Files Class Action Suit Against Apple
Teleread's Chris Meadows points to the ebooknewser story today on the new lawsuit that, in this 2nd case, also includes Random House.

Finkelstein Thompson, a consumer rights and antitrust law firm, filed the new class action complaint in New York against Apple and the Big6 book publishers, alleging a conspiracy to fix eBook prices.  Details at the link.  Here's the press release

Earlier articles on the Class Action lawsuit:
. Class action lawsuit against Apple and Big 5 publishers re price fixing of ebooks.  History and sourcing provided.
. Reactions to Price-Fixing Lawsuit

"Apple Accused of Altering Second Photo in Samsung Suit"
Apple had been successful in halting Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales in Europe and elsewhere, on the basis that Samsung had copied the Apple design, a large factor being the rounded corners of the device (!)

Later, the Injunction was lifted across Europe but the injunction still applied to Germany, for jurisdictional reasons.  August 25 is the court date set "for Apple and Samsung to plead their respective cases."

  On August 17, Tomsguide.com reported that "Researchers accused Apple of doctoring an image of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in an effort to make it look more like the iPad in terms of size. Some felt it could have been accidental.

  Today's news is about a second picture that was submitted as part of the IP suit, this one showing the iPhone and Galaxy S "looking almost exactly the same size," although the accompanying illustration shows it to be quite a bit larger.  It has those "rounded corners" though! :-)

  Tomsguide has a tough crowd commenting.  An amusing thought:
' "I'm going to have to take a second look at these Samsung products.  They must be pretty good for Apple to risk so much. '
  Another one pointed out that if you open both phones, they "have a lot of the same components" so therefore Samsung is copying Apple, he says.  He adds a PS that the components they have in common are made by Samsung.

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  1. The Galaxy S2 (never used the older model) is a really nice phone.
    Much nicer than the iPhone. Better used interface, MORE rounded corners :), thinner, slightly larger screen.

    Not a copy at all, just another implementation of what's essentially an unavoidable design philosophy when creating devices to act as cellphones that use a touch screen where the screen has to be large enough for the purposes it's designed for.
    Other designs have been tried by both Samsung and others, and were not a success.
    The full screen device is therefore an inevitable result of the design process, and rounded corners an ergonomic necessity to prevent damage to pockets when carrying the phone around.

    Apple can scream high and low it's their trademark, but if so they claim to have a monopoly on common sense and if there's one thing Apple's been shown not to have it's common sense, thus they're effectively in contempt of the court by making their claims :)

  2. jw,
    That was so funny!

    All so true, what you say...

    Loved that last paragraph too. Case closed! ;-)


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