Monday, August 15, 2011

Free Kindle Books (8/15) + Newly Discounted Ones Found by Forumners + Amzn specials (updated evening, 38 total)


Image to the left above goes to a highly-rated book, Diary of a Very Bad Year: Interviews with an Anonymous Hedge Fund Manager, by 3 authors: Keith Gessen, Anonymous Hedge Fund Manager, and N+1.   18 customer reviews, 4.4 stars, $0.99

  This book can be opened here to see a good sample while you're on this page.

Amazon's own ongoing listing of LIMITED-TIME OFFERS - Promos
  Amazon sorts these by Bestsellers first.
  I've added a separate sorting by Low-to-High pricing.

Unusual Publisher Sale for August - 8/3
Publisher Harper Perennial: sale of 20 titles for $20, or $0.99 each, through the month of August

Sourcebook celebrates Georgette Heyer's 109th birthday by discounting her 46 books for one week (Aug 15-21), to $1.99, including the campanion book "...Regency World."  Emily Bronte highlighted the Sunflwr38 pointer at the "Discounted..." forum thread.
  A discussion of her books

NEWLY and TEMPORARILY DISCOUNTED books forum thread:
  Forum-thread starter RandomizeME has a caution for authors:
  ' This thread is NOT a book promotion thread for authors, or for people to post about indies.  (And it's not for posting freebies either.)  This thread is to post discounts and price drops that readers find for books from publishers." '

NEWLY and TEMPORARILY Free Book alerts from the Amazon Kindle forums - via "Happy Reader" Joyce

NOTE: The alerts below are quoted as they appear in Joyce's collecting of newly and mostly temporarily-free books just released and are *not* books I've seen and are definitely *not* recommendations by me -- this is just a daily report.   They will become no longer free within days, usually.

 I'm experimenting with excerpting below, for readers' convenience, the daily alerts as they appear in the forums, and as a result these are "block-quoted."

Aug 15 (16+ books), Aug 15 - afternoon (4 books, including 3 pre-orders, 1 regular book, plus a "sneak peak" which I didn't include here), Aug 15 - Late evening (18 more books)

If on the Home Page,
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I'm an English Major--Now What?
Author: Timothy Lemire

DESCRIPTION: What do Steven Spielberg, Alan Alda, Barbara Walters, Clarence Thomas, Diane Sawyer, and Stephen King have in common? That's right and they were English majors who now have successful.


The Personal Credibility Factor: How to Get It, Keep It, and Get It Back (If You've Lost It)
Author: Sandy Allgeier

DESCRIPTION: Personal credibility has everything to do with how others perceive us and how we perceive ourselves. Sandy Allgeier's book teaches the all-important truth that it doesn't matter how much money, status, or power you have if nobody believes in you. Every parent should read The Personal Credibility Factor and instill its lessons in their kids. Achieving a full understanding of these principles is the first step in becoming a truly great human being.


The Everything College Survival Book, 3rd Edition (Everything Series)
Author: Susan FitzGerald

DESCRIPTION: College . . .Will your classes be as fun and exciting as they sound in the course catalog? Or will you find that you need to take advantage of your professors' office hours in order to keep up? Will ramen become your only meal? Will you get along with your roommate? From handling studying and dorm life to parties and campus safety, this guide gives you straight answers to help you survive college life.


The Seeking Kiss: Midnight Playground, Book 1
Author: Eden Bradley

DESCRIPTION: Midnight Playground, Book 1 - London 2069 Two vampires, one woman, an eternity of love and desire if only she's strong enough. For as long as Nissa has known about Midnight Playground, the most exclusive of a world-wide network of vampire sex clubs, she has yearned to gain entrance-and to become one of them. Orphaned and alone from a young age, she has nothing to lose and nothing to stop her from indulging in her darkest fantasies.Hex and his maker, Aleron, have enjoyed many play partners at the club and have often shared in the euphoria of the Seeking Kiss, that sensual blood exchange between vampires and their lovers. But Nissa's beauty, intelligence and strength is a siren call he can't resist. His desire for her and her willingness to let herself be drawn by their mental pull compels Hex to consider offering to her something he's never given another mortal- the treasured Turning Kiss. The beautiful vampire pair entice Nissa into an intimate sexual realm beyond her wildest dreams-and she revels in it. But when she finds herself falling for one of the powerful duo, it could mean the end of her deepest fantasies. Or a new beginning she never dared to imagine. Warning: Three-way vampire sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism, anal sex, oral sex, simultaneous anal and oral sex (oh, yes, it's possible!), drinking blood, drinking blood while having sex, political unrest , and a hot French accent. Keep a fan and some holy water nearby!


Grammatically Correct
Author: Anne Stilman

DESCRIPTION: If its purpose is to convey facts, findings, or instructions, it need be read only once for its content to be clear. If its purpose is to entertain or to provoke thought, it makes readers want to come back for more.


Guns (John Hardin series)
Author: Phil Bowie

DESCRIP[TION: In his debut novel, Bowie presents the smart, cocksure Sam Bass, a man with a mysterious past. To the handful of inhabitants on a tiny island off the coast of North Carolina, including Valerie, the Cherokee widow whom he loves, Sam is a laid-back pilot-for-hire. When he becomes a local hero after rescuing an elderly couple from their storm-battered boat, the human interest story is picked up by the wire services and draws the attention of men from his past. Intent on killing him and addressing him as "The Cowboy," the mystery men fail to get Sam but unintentionally kill Valerie, leaving her young son orphaned and Sam hell-bent on revenge. He seeks out Valerie's grandfather and trains with him in the ancient Cherokee way of vengeance before setting out to administer violent justice. Though Bowie did the homework to distinguish his History of Violence-style plot-researching planes and gun running as well as Cherokee history and lore, and investing his characters with elaborate backstories-he leans on these details too often, slowing down what could be an absorbing, fast-paced tale.


Portable MFA in Creative Writing (New York Writers Workshop)
Author: New York Writers Workshop

DESCRIPTION: DESCRIPTION: Get the core knowledge of a prestigious MFA education without the tuition. Have you always wanted to get an MFA, but couldn't because of the cost, time commitment, or admission requirements? Well now you can fulfill that dream.


Robert's Rules of Writing
Author: Robert Masello

DESCRIPTION: You already have a million writing books. You know the principles, the lectures, the "expert" techniques. And you've discovered that sometimes tried-and-true just eq.


The Rules of Management, Expanded Edition: A Definitive Code for Managerial Success (Richard Templar's Rules)
Author: Richard Templar

DESCRIPTION: You're a manager. You're expected to be a leader, innovator, magician, dynamic motivator, stern but fair judge, diplomat, politician, therapist, financial wizard, warrior, and saint. For some people, it's a breeze. What do they know that everyone else doesn't? The rules of management: rules for managing your team and managing yourself. Now, Richard Templar's brought them all together in this expanded edition.


Edge of Grace
Author: Christa Allan

DESCRIPTION: Finding the love you need will only happen when you discover your true purpose for living. Bishop Joseph Walker's Date with Destiny will help you help you fit your plans into the deeper and richer plan God has for you. Only then will you be able to get your relationships right. Bishop Walker gives you the tools you need to fit the pieces of the relationship puzzle together. He shows how to embrace the concept that God means for all of us to have satisfying relationships.


Mobile DNA: Finding Treasure in Junk (FT Press Science)
Author: Haig H. Kazazian

DESCRIPTION: In Mobile DNA, leading geneticist Haig Kazazian thoroughly reviews our current understanding of the substantial role mobile genetic elements play in genome and organism evolution and function. He offers an accessible intellectual history of mobile DNA, rich and insightful perspectives on how investigators ask and answer research questions, and his predictions about future developments and research directions for this active field.


Organized Teacher, Happy Classroom
Author: Melanie S. Unger

DESCRIPTION: Organized Teacher, Happy Classroom will give readers a fresh perspective on organizing that will promote productivity and efficiency, allowing them to focus more on student achievement and worry less about keeping their classroom materials in order.


Be a Dividend Millionaire: A Proven, Low-Risk Approach That Will Generate Income for the Long Term
Author: Paul Rubillo

DESCRIPTION: In Be a Dividend Millionaire, founder Paul Rubillo helps you use dividend investing to build your nest egg with less risk! Learn why dividend stock investing works... discover how to find safe dividend yields... avoid "dividend traps"... profit from knowing dividend dates... choose better dividend stocks ... and more!


More Than Me: The 4 Essentials of Relational Wholeness
Author: Jim Petersen

DESCRIPTION: Relationships are the most important part of our lives. They are the source of our greatest joys but also our deepest sorrows. Much of our pain in life comes from difficult or broken connections with other people. This book focuses on four principles that make all relationships succeed: integrity, love, humility, and forgiveness. These four factors are essential to the most intimate and the most public relationships, yet we can't achieve them on our own. The authors explain how we can be empowered by God to practice these four compelling keys to relational wholeness.


ABC's Revenge: Pilot Episode Script
Author: ABC Studios

DESCRIPTION: Emily Thorne is the newest arrival in the Hamptons this summer. By all appearances, she's a friendly and sophisticated "girl next door," whose disarming charm and generosity allow her seamless access to the restricted circles of Hampton's high society. But the affluent, exclusive world she's immersed herself in is tied to a dark family history, and Emily Thorne is anything but what she seems. When Emily was just nine, her father was framed for a horrific crime by neighbors he trusted, and was sentenced to life in prison. Emily never saw her father again and spent her childhood consumed by rage, loss and betrayal. 17 years later, she has returned under an assumed identity with one endgame - REVENGE -- every social overture a carefully planned chip at the foundation of her sworn enemies, until their lives come crashing down around them. Emily's goal is unwavering, and her sharp mind is always five steps ahead. But when her past begins to catch up, her true heart may get caught in the crossfire.


Investor's Library: Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, and Income Investing (Collection)
Author: Harry Domash

DESCRIPTION: Three books packed with wealth-building, cost-cutting help for today's investors and markets. Don't pay someone to pick stocks! Do it better yourself, with Harry Domash's #1 guide to stock analysis! Next, Michael Kahn completely demystifies technical analysis and shows you exactly how to apply it--easily, painlessly, profitably. Then, Marvin Appel helps you use bonds and income-producing equity strategies to meet your income needs without unacceptable risk. Advice you'll use, from experts you can trust!

*** Pre-Order for October 4 ***
New Teen Voices
Author: Shown as Various
No Cover Photo - Will update when available

DESCRIPTION: A free eSampler with excerpts from our hottest new voices in YA including Fury and The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer!

*** Pre-Order for October 4 ***
Middle School Survival Kit
Author: Shown as Various
No Cover Photo - Will update when available

DESCRIPTION: A free eSampler to help you survive middle school with some action & adventure!

*** Pre-Order for February 7, 2012 ***
Zap Proof Your Home: A HarperOne Select
Author: Alice Louise Gittleman
Genre: Health - Mind - Body

DESCRIPTION: None available at this time.


Type Faces
By: Fancy Pants
Genre: Typography - ASCII Art

DESCRIPTION: The title may make it sound like this is yet another book about typography. But alas, it is not! This is a book of ascii art portraits... faces MADE of type! I know. It sounds awesome right? You don't even know! You have to see it to believe it. ' [ I don't know if this is Joyce's comment or the comment of one of her sources who originally found this. ]


The Written (Emaneska Series)
Author: Ben Galley
Genre: Contemporary Fiction


The Trouble With Green
Author: Liv James
Genre: Contemporary Fiction


All over Again
Author: Lynette Ferreira
Genre: Love - Romance


19 (A Digital Short)
Aaron Peterson
Genre: Short Story


Lust, Money & Murder - Book 1
Author: Mike Wells
Genre: Mystery - Thriller


My Lady Gisborne: A Love Story (The Gisbornes)
Author: Charlotte Hawkins
Genre: Family Saga


The Lonely Engineer (Spacer Tales)
Author: S.J. McDonald
Genre: Horror


Snapshots: Of the Valley of the Shadow
Author: David Andrew
Genre: Poetry


Broken Bulbs
Author: Eddie Wright
Genre: Horror


Author: Richard Herley
Genre: Action - Adventure


Wandering Koala challenges the Scientific Method (Black & White) 1
Author: Jeff Thomason
Genre: Graphic Novel


Ancient Awakening (The Ancient)
Author: Matthew Brian Laube
Genre: Action - Adventure


Burly and Grum and the Secret City (A Burly and Grum Tale)
Author: Kate Tenbeth
Genre: Children's Fiction


The Hawk And His Boy (The Tormay Trilogy #1)
Author: Christopher Bunn
Genre: Family Saga


The Last Breath
Author: Osman Nuri Tophas
Genre: Sunnism


The Sorrow King
Author: Andersen Pruty
Genre: Occult


Money for Sorrow, Made Joy
Author: M.C.A. Hogarth
Genre: Fantasy


EYE OF THE WITCH (Detective Marcella Witch's Series)
Author: Dave Donovan
Genre: Occult '

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