Saturday, August 13, 2011

Free Kindle Books (8/12-13) + Newly Discounted Ones Found by Forumners + Amzn specials + Other discussion threads


The Continuing Amazon Kindle forum alerts, discussion notices, and other forum threads is now on a separate 'Page' and will be discontinued.  Click here for a history of the latest links to forum alerts.

The book shown above, for $0.00 currently, is one of those in the free Kindle releases mentioned in the forum links for August 13 and is currently selling at the Sony Reader Store
for $8.54 and at Barnes and Noble for $7.19.

Newly discounted books:

Newly and temporarily free books:
Aug 12, Aug 12 - afternoon, Aug 12 - late afternoon, Aug 12 - evening, Aug 13

  Aug 12 - 7 books (a.m.), 1 book (afternoon), 4 books (late afternoon,
      6 books (evening)   (18 total)
  Aug 13 - 1 book (a.m.), 8 books

Kindle-edition blog subscribers can either:
  1) click on the forum-alerts link above, with Wireless 'On'
      (the daily update of forum alerts/discussions are usable on the Kindle-edition -
        press the Kindle's "Aa"-key to Zoom a page of text 200% if on Kindle 3
          or to increase font size on Kindle 2)
  2) OR use the ongoing blog article's links via computer instead, at
          "" for faster access.

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