Friday, August 26, 2011

More Kindle rumors: New Kindle-domain names - Do we have a pattern here?

A Wave of Kindle-Domain Names

Well, yes, we just had, Kindle -- and although these two were recently expired domain names that Amazon scooped up, possibly to protect the trademark name or in case they might prove useful someday, we know they also registered two weeks earlier.

Now, Geeky Gadgets' Roland Hutchinson reports that "according to the guys over at Fusible, Amazon has also registered some other new Kindle domain names which include and"

 Air, Earth, Water ...

One more to go for The Basic Elements (nice concept).  However, was registered under "Domain Discreet" in Funchai, Madeira, where it was created February 21, 2000, and is due to expire on February 21, 2012 (not long from now unless the owner renews).  It's not an active domain on the Web.

Definitely intriguing.

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1 comment:

  1. Wow, definitely interesting! Things are picking up! I predict that there will be more and more news like this until the launch of the Amazon tablet(s).

    I see three reasons for the acquisition of these domains:

    1. Grabbing everything Kindle-related, "just in case". If this is true, we should expect to see a lot more domains bought. Basically, every logical variation containing "Kindle" should have a certain potential.

    2. Marketing. This domain registering business sure makes waves, which is only a bit more good hype for Amazon.

    3. They really mean something. This has to be true for at least some domains. These "Four Elements" thing is too useful not to be used. Maybe for applications on the tablets/Kindle, or for content platforms?


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