Thursday, September 15, 2011

28 Free Kindle Books (9/15 - p.m..) + Discounted-Books Alerts: Georgette Heyer + Jacqueline Kennedy conversations - Update

Kindle Daily Deal (Often U.S. only, unfortunately)
  (The Daily Deal link above changes at MIDNIGHT each day.
      Click it to see what the daily deal book is, at any time.)

  Thursday, 9/15
  The way of Shadows (The Night Angel Trilogy), by Brent Weeks,
238 customer reviews, 4.0 stars
    Daily Deal until the end of Thursday 9/15:

      Wednesday's Price: $7.99
      Thursday's Discount: $6.00
      Thursday's Daily Deal Price: $1.99 (75% off)

A fantasy novel, this is the first book in Brent Week's best-selling Night Angel Trilogy.

Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy (with Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., annotations by presidential historian Michael Beschloss)

There are two e-versions available (the hardcover comes with CDs and reviews of that are included in the current two "Kindle" editions (one "enhanced").

In the forums, there's been confusion over what Amazon is offering because it IS confusing.

  1.  The pure Kindle E-Reader edition is only for pre-order, at $9.99 and won't be released until January 3, 2012.

  Hyperion will include 85 photos, displayed throughout the narrative, complete transcripts, and accompanying annotations by presidential historian Michael Beschloss.  The product page explains how the latter works while reading back and forth, although the listed points have a typo that has a question mark in the place of an apostrophe in the first instance and the corrected version in the following list point.

  2.  The Kindle Edition "with Audio/Video" is available now but only for iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touch devices, at $9.95.

      It has always interested me why these audio/video versions carry the label "Kindle Edition" then.  But I guess we may find out sooner than later.  Again, this edition for Kindle app on idevices is available for download now.
      It's $19.95 at iTunes, I read earlier yesterday, but doesn't have pricing regulated by the Big6 publishers although, strangely, the publisher-suggested retail price for the digital enhanced version is $60.

Discounted books by Georgette Heyer

At the Kindle forums, there's a very active message thread on prolific historical-fiction writer Georgette Heyer's books that have received recent discounts.  With the interest in finding the ones that are currently discounted, here's a list of those receiving large discounts, shown in the order they're listed in the author's overall book listings:

Here are the ones that are showing for $1.99 or $1.79 (I don't know for how long).

Frederica - 4.6 stars (65)
Paperback: $11.16 Kindle Edition: $1.79

The Quiet Gentleman - 4.5 stars (26)
Paperback: $11.19 Kindle Edition: $1.99

Sylvester: or The Wicked Uncle - 4.5 stars (46)
Paperback: $13.04 Kindle Edition: $1.99

These Old Shades - 4.7 stars (84)
Paperback: $11.19 Kindle Edition: $1.79

Bath Tangle - 3.8 stars (33)
Paperback: $11.19 Kindle Edition: $1.99

The Convenient Marriage - 4.1 stars (54)
Paperback: $11.19 Kindle Edition: $1.99

The Nonesuch - 4.5 stars (35)
Paperback: $11.19 Kindle Edition: $1.99

Arabella - 4.5 stars (36)
Paperback: $11.19 Kindle Edition: $1.99

Black Sheep - 4.5 stars (24)
Paperback: $11.16 Kindle Edition: $1.99

The Grand Sophy - 4.6 stars (100)
Paperback: $11.19 Kindle Edition: $1.99

The Talisman Ring - 4.6 stars (53)
Paperback: $11.19 Kindle Edition: $1.79

Beauvallet - 4.1 stars (24)
Paperback: $11.47 Kindle Edition: $1.79

Lady of Quality - 4.1 stars (31)
Paperback: $11.16 Kindle Edition: $1.99

Cotillion - 4.3 stars (93)
Paperback: $11.16 Kindle Edition: $1.99

The Black Moth - 3.8 stars (31)
Paperback: $8.75 Kindle Edition: $0.95

Penhallow - 3.6 stars (19)
Paperback: $11.21 Kindle Edition: $1.99

Detection Unlimited - 4.2 stars (5)
Paperback: $11.21 Kindle Edition: $1.99

A Blunt Instrument - 3.9 stars (9)
Paperback: $11.89 Kindle Edition: $1.99

Simon the Coldheart: A tale of chivalry and adventure - 4.0 stars (15)
Paperback: $10.25 Kindle Edition: $1.79

No Wind of Blame - 3.6 stars (14)
Paperback: $11.19 Kindle Edition: $1.99

Royal Escape: In which a dare-devil King with a price on his head fools his enemies and terrifies his friends - 3.2 stars (12)
Paperback: $10.21 Kindle Edition: $1.79

The Unfinished Clue - 3.9 stars (9)
Paperback: $12.01 Kindle Edition: $1.99

Ongoing Discounted-Book Alerts thread: 9/14-15

Free Books listing 9/15, morning, by Happy Reader "Joyce" - 26 books; later that day - 3 more books but one was no longer available (total 28)

  The first 3 are shown, but click on "More" for the other 25 free books.
' A Reluctant Vampire

Legwork (Casey Jones Mystery Series)

Just Another Day in Paradise

  MORE... ( 25 more books: Click just below on "MORE")


I Zombie I

Committed: A Short Story

Song of the Vampire

HOSTILE WITNESS (legal thriller, thriller) (The Witness Series)

Realms of the Red Rabbit-Jake (Realms of the Red Rabbit series, Book 2)

A Miracle in Shreveport (Fiction Friday)

Awkward Memoirs From Actual India

Some Secrets of the Qur'an

Wet Work (A Greg Kelton Story)

Immaculate Fetish

How to Make Love to a Woman (Henry Birch's Guide to Life)

They Call the Wind Muryah

One Foot in the Grave-A Holiday Short Short Story

The Man Who Murdered Himself: A Short Story

Impulse Control (Talent Chronicles)

Dark Tidings: Volumes I & II

The Doll House: Inventory

Realms of the Red Rabbit (Realms of the Red Rabbit series, Book 1)

An Outrider's Tale (Fiction Friday)

We Are All Weird (E-Galley Review Copy) ** No Longer Available **
  [Andrys' note: This had a pre-order date for yr 2024 :-) and was likely
    never meant for publication.]

French Quarter: Hot in the City, Book 1

Soul Identity


The House of Whispers ($.99 Mystery Classics)


Zombie Joe and the pogo stick legs


Daughter of Smoke and Bone: Free Preview - The First 14 Chapters '

These are from Joyce's free-books alerts in the forums, 9/15/11. '

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  1. My experience with the Kindle Edition with audio/video titles is that while the audio/video doesn't work on a Kindle, you can still download it and read the text (assuming you have enough free space).

    Also I don't know why Amazon can't offer a single title instead, and deliver the appropriate content depending on the capabilities of the device. I suppose there would be some people who don't want the multimedia content (on iOS device in this case) but that could be an option or preference. As well publishers may want to charge more for the title with a/v, though that doesn't seem to be what most have done so far.

    Going forward at least we should see a/v support on at least all smartphones and desktop systems, not to mention AmTabs. Again that's an argument for combining the two editions into one, so that you'd be purchasing a 'multi-format' license, so you read the text now, and in the future could enjoy the a/v when you get an app or device that supports it. Don't understand why they haven't updated the desktop apps after all this time to support a/v.

    I have mixed feelings about 'enhanced' ebooks. I haven't like any of the ones I've tried so far—the a/v doesn't seem to add enough to justify the effort and the download bandwidth—but I keep hoping someone will figure out how to create the right 'blend'. I would probably prefer a 'companion' web site where you could browse the multimedia content rather than having to download everything whether you end up consuming it or not.

    But I am getting the 'enhanced' Jackie book. This looks like one that will 'be worth it' (if it ever finishes downloading that is—it has crapped out thrice so far, and hasn't even gotten to 7%...). Hope they update the Android app to support this soon...

  2. Tom,
    That's a good point. I included this in but I should have mentioned it again as stats show 2K never-visited-before each day:

    " [Andrys' note2: Books on the Knob adds that if sent to a Kindle, these books will NOT include audio/video and will not be the large sizes cited, and I'll add that those e-books were authored with the audio/video attachments as important to the enhanced ebook but -- while free -- may be attractive to download to your computer as they will come in handy when there's an Amazon tablet.]"

    This would have the photos, for that $10, and text. I don't want to listen to all that anyway, so we'll see.

    Yes, one reason I wish they'd offered a 32G tablet is the many enhanced books coming. Even some of the CK-12 books are 500 megs !

    I agree that this is one time when an enhanced version adds something worth it. Good luck on finishing the download! Probably too many downloading it? It's $10 less expensive than the iTunes one, for one thing.

  3. After getting 'download failed-tap to retry' about 7 or 8 times (never progressing more than 6% or so), I cancelled the download, then found it in Archives and initiated the download there. It downloaded flawlessly with the fresh start. But yes, it is about 500Mb...

    I just checked my K3, it does have enough free space so I might try d/l to that so I don't have to read on my iPod...and can use TTS!

  4. Oh, now I see what you mean: they DO send the 'not enhanced' version when you download to Kindle. So it is only 10Mb. Why don't they tell you this? So unless there's a significant price difference there's no reason not to get Enhanced, even if you don't have a device/app that supports it. Especially as in this case, since they are going to make you wait until next year for the 'non enhanced version'. How very odd.

  5. Tom,
    Am just back and rushing here, but maybe I'll try downloading it to Kindle for PC to see if it'll allow the audio/video then...

  6. But I'm torn, Tom, between selecting the one to transfer from my computer, which would have everything intact, but NOT be viewable on pc for Kindle, only on iDevices.

    You're right, it's time for them to get these to work on Kindle for Android! But I imagine that's a high priority :-)

    Or I'll get the one for Kindle for PC... which would not be able to see the video or hear the audio as that's supposed to be made for Apple users.

    We'll see. At least 'Tom' would, on the Kindle read the text faster than Jacqueline would speak it!, and then there's that cold female voice that is an alternative on the text-to-speech :-)

    I do prefer reading fast to waiting on real-time in videos, too often, but there's some nostalgic video involved too.


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