Thursday, September 29, 2011

Free & Low Cost Kindle Books (9/29) + Newly Discounted Books Alerts + New-Kindle discussions + Amzn Deals

Sept. 29: Morning - Interim posting, just the Kindle Daily Deal for now and updated pages for discounted-book alerts at the forums + various ways to find the free non-classics without seeing "peeks" or previews or chapters only...

No free books noted yet, and I'm focusing later today on sorting out info on the somewhat confusing assortment of new e-Ink Kindles and new features, since I wasn't here last night.  In the meantime, we do have answers to some of the questions that have come up.

Note: There have been quite a few Comments and Questions/Answers between those commenting to the New-Kindles posts the last two days.  I've answered with what I know so far, while others have chimed in with interesting information.  If you want to read about the things that have been brought up, see:

1. New Kindles - Intro Day (23 comments)

2. Kindle Fire - a bit more (12 comments)

Kindle Daily Deal (Often U.S. only, unfortunately)
(The Daily Deal link above changes at MIDNIGHT each day.
      Click it to see what the daily deal book is, at any time.)

The Saint, by Oliver Broudy, 45 customer reviews, 4.4 stars
    Daily Deal until the end of Thursday 9/29:
      Wednesday's Price: $1.99
      Thursday's Discount: $1.50
      Thursday's Daily Deal Price: $0.49 (75% off)

An Amazon Single (short) "Part profile, part travelogue, The Saint is an 85-page tale of true adventure ... author Oliver Broudy takes on a writing assignment that will change his life, following James Otis--a collector of Gandhi-related memorabilia and wealthy devotee of the great Mahatma--to India and beyond."

LATEST DISCOUNTED Kindle books (some temporarily) forum thread:
  Forum-thread starter RandomizeME includes a caution that it's not a book promotion thread for authors or for posts about indies or free books either.  "The thread is for discounts and price drops that many readers, especially Emily Bronte], find from publishers."
  Sept. 27-29

Other current forum threads that might interest some
Public Library Lending questions at the forums, and Lendle's Kindle borrowing
  . How many e-books does your public library have?
  . Public librarians: what has been your Kindle/Overdrive experience?
  . Changes to lendle (This is Kindle owner-to-Kindle owner lending.)
      The changes include incentives for offering loaners.

Ongoing popular discussions
  . Discussion of geographic restrictions on digital purchases
  . Discount-alert books discussed on separate message thread (Newer)
  . What have been your favorite public domain books that are not so well known?
  . Best "Free" books you've read (many are no longer free, however).
  . Highly recommended Indie authors
  . Unique Uses of Kindles

Amazon's own ongoing listing of LIMITED-TIME OFFERS - Promos
  Amazon sorts these by Bestsellers first.
  I've added a by Low-to-High pricing.

Editors' Picks: $1.99-$3.99   thru' September
Free contemporary books: subsets
Filters out excerpts, chapters, previews
US:  by Last 30+ days  Sept 2011
   Publication Date   Late-listed
   Bestselling   High-ratings

UK:  by PubDate   Popular
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