Friday, September 2, 2011

27 Free Kindle Books (9/2 .) + Newly Discounted Books Found by Forumners + Amzn Deals


Friday, 9/2 (early morning - 27 newly-free books, with an update at 5am CST for one more e-book)

A Voice in the Box: My Life in Radio
, by Bob Edwards, 1 customer reviews, 5 stars, $0.00 (Digital List Price: $21.95)

 Released 9/1/11 - first customer review says "writing is sublime. Supremely readable..." and it goes on in that vein.

  Co-hosted NPR's All Things Considered, launched Morning Edition in '79.  From NPR (after controversial firing in 2004), he went to Sirius XM radio.
  See Los Angeles Times article on this book, which is free through Sept 9

Kindle Daily Deal
  (The Daily Deal link above changes at MIDNIGHT each day.
      Click it to see what the daily deal book is, at any time.)
  Friday, 9/2
  Battlefield Earth, by L. Ron Hubbard, 481 customer reviews, 3.7 stars
    Daily Deal until the end of Friday, 9/2:
      Thursday's Price: $3.82
      Friday's Discount: $2.83
      Friday's Daily Deal Price: $0.99 (74% off)

Warning Label: This is by the founder of Scientology.  However, Library Journal says it's "well regarded in sf circles."

Amazon's own ongoing listing of LIMITED-TIME OFFERS - Promos
  Amazon sorts these by Bestsellers first.
  I've added a by Low-to-High pricing.
Games: 99c games thru' Sept 12
Editors' Picks: $1.99-$3.99   thru' September
Free contemporary books: subsets
Filters out excerpts, chapters, previews
US:  by Last 30+ days  Sept 2011
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   Bestselling   High-ratings

UK:  by PubDate   Popular

Other ongoing forum threads that might interest some

  . Discount-alert books discussed on separate message thread (Newer)
  . What have been your favorite public domain books not so well known?
  . Best "Free" books you've read (many are no longer free, however).
  . Highly recommended Indie authors
  . Unique Uses of Kindles

LATEST DISCOUNTED Kindle books (some temporarily) forum thread:
  Forum-thread starter RandomizeME includes a caution that it's not a book promotion thread for authors or for posts about indies or free books either.  "The thread is for discounts and price drops that readers [many, but especially Emily Bronte] find for books from publishers."

TEMPORARILY Free-Book alerts from the Amazon Kindle forums - via the amazing "Happy Reader" Joyce, who is constantly on the lookout on behalf of forum members.

  NOTE: The alerts below are quoted as they appear in Joyce's collecting of newly and mostly temporarily-free books just released and are *not* books I've seen and are *not* recommendations by this blog -- this is a daily report of very popular forum alerts.   The eBooks will become no longer free within days, usually - sometimes, hours.  Thanks to Joyce for gathering and organizing all these for us.

Sept 2 - morning, 27 books

If, on the Home page listing, you see "MORE" books available,
* CLICK at the bottom to get the REST of the long listing of free books *

' Happy Reader "Joyce" says:

3 POSTS OF 26 BOOKS IN THIS SAME THREAD ... [Sept 2, morning thread]
FYI: Be sure to check pricing is $0.00 before you "one-click". Some books do not remain on the free list very long.

Mighty Hammer Down (Legend of Reason Series)
Author: David J. Guyton


Starstruck--A Hollywood Love Story
Author: Nancy Frederick


Anathema (Cloud Prophet Trilogy)
Author: Megg Jensen


The One-Eyed Guru
Author: Andrew Biss

  MORE... ( 22 more books in a.m.: Click just below on "MORE")

Rumpel, A Cursed Tales Novel
Author: Eileen Cruz Coleman


Summer Loving
Author: Tina Folsom


To Sir, With Love
Author: Karyn Mitchell


Life in Cape Town
Author: Jill H


Logan's Redemption
Author: Cara Marsi


Get a Life (Clearwater Crossing)
Author: Laura Peyton Roberts


The Dragon of Skar
Author: Chris Turner


Wicked Games
Author: Jill Myles


The Color of Night
Author: Jack Thomas


Death Whispers (Death Series Book 1)
Author: Tamara Rose Blodgett


Author: Arthur Slade


BestsellerBound Short Story Anthology Volume 2
Author: Amy Blackwelder


WHEN THE EAGLE SCREAMS - America's Vulnerability to Terrorism
Author: Stephen Bowman


The Donzerly Light
Author: Ryne Douglas Pearson


The Crimson-Eyed Dragon
Author: D.M. Trink


Author: Donald Capone

A Thousand Lies: Lies Every Good American Must Believe
Author: D.W. St. John


Rise: A Collection Inspired by Lift
Author: Rebecca K. O'Connor



Powerful Prayers for Troubled Times
Author: Stormie Omartian


Mourning Doves and other stories.
Author: Tom Upton


Big Data Now: Current Perspectives from O'Reilly Radar
Author: O'Reilly Radar Team


EDIT TO ADD: 4:00 a.m. CST

The 16 % Solution, Revised Edition: How to Get High Interest Rates in a Low-Interest World with Tax Lien Certificates
Author: J.D. Joel S. Moskowitz


EDIT TO ADD: 5:00 a.m. CST

Tor/Forge Author Voices: Volume 3
Pre-Order for October 18
Author: Stacey Hague-Hill


FYI: If more books are found today, I will add to Post #3 in the same thread. Happy Reading, Joyce '

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