Friday, September 30, 2011

Free Kindle Books (9/30) - 60 + Lower-cost discounted ones from forum alerts + Kindle discussions +Amazon deals

Sept. 30: Afternoon - 60 newly-free Kindle books

Today's Kindle Daily Deal
That link will bring up a new book each night at midnight.

Today's is Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions, 284 customer reviews, 4.3 stars
Thursday's price: $3.99
Friday's discount: $3.00
Friday's Kindle Daily Deal Price: $0.99

TEMPORARILY-Free Books:  Alerts from the Amazon Kindle forums - via the tireless "Happy Reader" Joyce, who is constantly on the lookout on behalf of forum members.

  NOTE: The alerts are quoted as they appear in Joyce's collecting of mostly temporarily-free books.  They're *not* recommendations by anyone but are a very popular, unfiltered daily set of release-alerts by Joyce.  The eBooks can become no longer free within days, sometimes, within hours.  Thanks to Joyce for gathering and organizing them for us.

If, on this Home page listing (in orange), you see "MORE" books available,
* CLICK at the bottom to get the REST of any long listing of free books *

' Happy Reader "Joyce" says:

This is my second attempt to post the freebies ... due to a glitch with Amazon, I had to delete my first thread.

Unimagined: A Short Story

Crystals of Consequence

In the Image of Grace

The Girl in the Lighthouse (Arrington)

Common or Garden Dharma. Essays in Contemporary Buddhism, Vol. I

LZR-1143: Perspectives

  MORE... ( 54 more books: Click on "MORE" just below.)

Dark That Day, After All (Nights Gone By)

A Terrible Beauty


Lost Cargo

The Bellhound - Four Tales of Modern Magic

Conflict: The Callahans Book Two

The Quest for Nobility (A Fantasy Adventure) (The Rule of Otharia series)

Wackier Whisker Wisdom (Wacky Whisker Wisdom)

Anathema (The Causal Enchantment Series)

Snow Falling in Moonlight: Odes in Praise of Dogen's Shobogenzo

Camel Lot: A Misplaced Adventure

Guardian of the Dawn (Short Story)


The Beckoning Within

Dawn of War (Blood War Trilogy)

The Rebirth: Collected Poetry

The Red Horde: Story I

Red Truck

The Wizard Takes a Holiday

A Husband for Margaret

Ghost Hunting Diary Volume I (Ghost Hunting Diaries)

A Foolish Consistency

JeBouffe Home Canning

Blood Soaked and Contagious

Maddy's Oasis

Twi Hard: A Twin Fang Prequel (Twin Fang Saga)

Fairytale (Fairies of Rush)

The Ylem (The Ylem Trilogy, #1)

Campaign Promises

Bermuda's Triangle (A Misplaced Adventure)

The Perfect Plan

Zed Alley

Playing with Fire

The Zombie's Bride

Strange Connections: A Short Story


20 Diet Myths - Busted. A Manifesto to change how you think about dieting.

A Bride for Tom


Here Be Monsters - An Anthology of Monster Tales

Melvin the Dry Cleaning Zombie and Vampire Shoe Warehouse

Stray (Touchstone)

The 9th Fortress

Big Data Bibliography

Prairie Sunset - of Love and Magic

The Breath of Heaven and Other Stories

The Light of the Ancient Buddhas - Ballads of Emptiness and Awakening

Bulldog (Vince and Cat Next Generation)

A Continual Farewell

First You Sigh

Eternal Eden (Eden Trilogy, Book One)

Zombies Eat Lawyers

The Princess & the Penis


The Evolution of Data Products '

[These are from Joyce's free-books alerts Friday morning in the forums, 9/30/11 - morning, 60 books

Forum Alerts on Newly Discounted Books the last day or so:

 Some of the lower-priced ones: (I'll also include some that people express interest in there):

Alert by Baj
Read the Beatles: Classic and New Writings on the Beatles, Their Legacy, and Why They Still Matter
Now $7.99 Was $12.99

Alert by M. Ratcheson
 There are two pages for John Dean's Conservatives Without Conscience. I'm hoping this link will take you to the one selling for $3.99, the other one is $12.99. Conservatives Without Conscience

Alert by Deborah Akers
Game of Shadows: Barry Bonds, BALCO, and the Steroids Scandal that Rocked Professional Sports
Last Reported Price: $12.99
Current Price: $4.99 

Alert by Efiah
Alice Waters and Chez Panisse has dropped from $12.99 to $4.99

Alert by Emily Bronte
Pre-order (delivery November 4th)
The Twenty-four Days Before Christmas by Madeleine L'Engle for $2.99

Alert by Concerned reader
The books on the Penguin sale that I picked up today were:
Strapless for $3.99
Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant: Confessions of Cooking for One and Dining Alone for $3.99
Choosing Brilliant Health: 9 Choices That Redefine What It Takes to Create Lifelong Vitality and Well-Being for $3.99 (loved their happiness book)

Concerned Reader adds
I'd also recommend Telling True Stories: A Nonfiction Writers' Guide from the Nieman Foundation at Harvard University for $3.99 which I sadly bought in June for $12.99.

Alert by M. Ratcheson
Not a huge discount, but some might be interested, Franklin and Eleanor: An Extraordinary Marriage is now $9.99 down from months at $12.99.

Alert by Emily Bronte
Minor Characters: A Beat Memoir
by Joyce Johnson for $3.99
Petropolis by Anya Ulinich for $3.99
The Danish Girl by David Ebershofffor $3.99
Larry's Party by Carol Shields for $3.99
All Over Creation by Ruth Ozeki for $3.99
Murder in Amsterdam: Liberal Europe, Islam, and the Limits of Tolerence by Ian Buruma for $3.99
Fighter Boys: The Battle of Britain, 1940 by Patrick Bishop for $3.99
Goldwyn: A Biography by A. Berg for $3.99
A Life Decoded: My Genome: My Life by J. Craig Venter for $3.99
Gut Feelings: The Intelligence of the Unconscious by Gerd Gigerenzer for $4.99
Dante: A Life (Penguin Lives) by R. Lewis for $3.99
Abraham Lincoln: A Life (Penguin Lives) by Thomas Keneally for $3.99

Alert by TravelingGal
Boneshaker (Sci Fi Essential Books) by Cherie Priest now at $2.99, down from $9.99.

Alert by RandomizeME
The Affinity Bridge (Newbury & Hobbes Investigations) by George Mann is $2.99

Alert by Emily Bronte
Rosetta Books:
23 Pre-orders @ $1.99 each for Sci-Fi fans (delivery October 1st)
A Little Journey by Ray Bradbury
The Big Trip Up Yonder by Kurt Vonnegut
Unready to Wear by Kurt Vonnegut
Four in One by Damon Knight
The Tunnel Under the World by Frederik Pohl
With These Hands by C.M. Kornbluth
The Flat-Eyed Monster by William Tenn
The Wind Between the Worlds by Lester del Rey
Command Performance by Walter Jr. Miller
Skulking Permit by Robert Sheckley

Alert by C. Stapleton
Lord and Lady Spy dropped another $.10, to $.89. Why didn't I wait?? I bought it at $.99! :)

Alert by Emily Bronnte
Lonely Planet:
Pre-order (delivery September 30th)
Best New England Trips 1 for $2.99

Alert by D. Baker
Tracking Bear: An Ella Clah Novel by Aimee Thurlo Start Price: $6.99 Now $2.99
Never-ending-snake: An Ella Clah Novel Start Price: $11.99 Now: $9.99 '

And that's just for 1-1/2 days...

Amazon's own ongoing listing of LIMITED-TIME OFFERS - Promos
  Amazon sorts these by Bestsellers first.
  I've added a by Low-to-High pricing.

Editors' Picks: $1.99-$3.99   thru' September
Free contemporary books: subsets
Filters out excerpts, chapters, previews
US:  by Last 30+ days  Sept 2011
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   Bestselling   High-ratings

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