Monday, September 19, 2011

Kindle apps: 1) Doodle for Kindle and 2) Contacts (contact management)

16 Hands released Doodle for Kindle.

This came out in August, and I totally missed seeing it.  For kids of all ages.  I hadn't thought it was possible to do what I see in the examples using the Kindle's 5-way or keyboard.  They explain it this way:

"...can use drawing features that include a press-and-hold to draw mode, a continuous mode in which they can press once to start drawing, and press again to stop, or use a step mode which lets them draw short, precise segments with each press.  It's change segment lengths, save...drawings, change drawing speeds and choose between black on white drawings or white on black drawings."

The drawing samples seen on the product page are included in the package.
6 customer reviews, 4.8 stars. $0.99

Also, A Gamz released last week Contacts (A Contact Management Tool for Kindle).

"Contacts tracks names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, notes, and other information about people and companies" and is searchable.
  "You can even combine several words like "Mike Chicago" to find all the Mikes you know in Chicago.  You can also search for words in your free-form notes."

  Contacts stores up to 1000 records and allows for many types of phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses, as well as organizations and titles.  "It'll also import many vCard records from existing contact software and address books that use ANSI character vCards in either 2.1 or 3.0 vCard file format."

On the latter, customer Ed Pegg "Math puzzler" explains how useful this can be:
' This program uses a universal format, though.....

Both Yahoo and Gmail allow simple export of your Contacts list in a vCard format. Click Contacts, the Tools, then Export.  Move it to your Kindle.  Done.  Before purchasing, definitely check to make sure that your contact list is in an exportable format.

Very, very nice. I love it when a program does all the work for me. '

Customer C.L. Devetski "astrocomfy" uses it as an adjunct to Google Voice, looking up the phone number while on the phone and having imported all his contacts from Google Voioe too.  He adds that it took only "a few seconds to import more than 400 contacts."

9 customer reviews, 4.3 stars. $0.99

Both of these apps are available for Kindle 2, Kindle DX, and Kindle 3, although Amazon does not make these available yet outside the U.S., though they'd planned to eventually, they've said on the forums.  I've seen no follow up on that.

Kindle 3's   (UK: Kindle 3's)   K3 Special ($114)   K3-3G Special ($139)   DX Graphite

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