Monday, September 19, 2011

The Amazon AppStore for Android ABOUT to go International?

Thanks to an alert from Jesslyn, who had just seen news on Twitter, I got the news about the Amazon AppStore (for Android apps) quietly "going international," sort of -- but then the access stopped.

 Coincidentally, I had just downloaded and tried two Android apps from the Amazon store after getting an Entourage Pocket Edge dual screen epaper/LCD tablet that was 'dumped' by Woot! last week for $79, and it was impressive how the Amazon AppStore walks everyone through several phases of getting and using an Android app downloaded from there.  Many are free.

The oldest news story I saw on Google was from India where people reported the AppStore working and described the processes -- and then it suddenly stopped working.  So, said that it "seemed like a test exercise, we hope to see official roll-out soon."

  In the meantime, Nate Hoffelder was blogging the many reports coming his way at The Digital Reader, with many new reports cited as it was happening, starting with that India news story, as early as 9:25 am PDT.  Reports of roll-out came from Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Spain, Latin America, Sweden -- and then a report similar to the stopping came from Greece also.

  Pretty obviously, testing is being done for a rollout, probably not too far off.

No word on the Kindle-Apps store though.  But it's been key that once the (first) Amazon Android Tablet is ready, it wouldn't make sense unless it could be used internationally, and it seems there is definite movement in that "area."

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