Friday, September 16, 2011

AmazonLocal due for Kindle w/ Special Offers ALONG WITH software update for Latest Generation Kindles- UPDATE

AmazonLocal is coming to "Kindle with Special Offers" (along with a "software update for Latest Generation Kindles")

  The parenthetical part is the more important item in this announcement for some of us.

  The actual wording is:
  "The functionality for receiving AmazonLocal deals on Kindle with Special Offers will be delivered as part of a software update for latest generation Kindles in the coming weeks."

  The Kindle DX Graphite with Pearl Screen is a "Latest Generation Kindle" along with the various Kindle 3's.

  I'm personally hoping that Amazon *finally* puts the screen-contrast adjustment feature, for PDFs, on the DX as they did for the Kindle 3's with Pearl Screen (which the DX uses also), as well as updating it for other features the Kindle 3 has had for over a year, especially since it's so expensive (but very good for PDFs via eInk).

  Bear in mind that Public Library Lending will be made available to ALL Kindles, but this particular update is for Kindle 3's only.
  However, if a separate, soon-to-come software update were to be made available to Kindle 1 and Kindle 2 as well (but with no option for AmazonLocal offers as the Kindle 3 software will probably have), it could also mean getting the various Kindle devices ready for public library lending via Overdrive.

  Owners of the Kindle 3 WiFi with Special Offers and Kindle 3G with Special Offers "will soon start receiving special offers from AmazonLocal on their Kindle screensavers when they aren't reading."

  Obviously (to me), the Latest Generation Kindles all MAY receive, in that larger update, the capability of displaying Special Offers if wanted -- Amazon will probably offer the option of enabling the display of those for those who choose that. 

 Amazon didn't say that -- it's just my own take, but they've said in the past that they were considering offering the option to non-ad-Kindle owners due to many requests by them (seen in the forums too) for the choice.  And, certainly, it would benefit advertisers and Amazon.

  This program is "launching in New York City and expanding to all AmazonLocal cities later this year."

  In the meantime I received my first AmazonLocal email this morning, but NOT on my Kindle With No Special Offers of course.  It came to my regular email.  Southern California started a bit over a month ago, from what I saw.

  Amazon's partner LivingSocial, which Amazon has invested in heavily since last year (more than $175 million), is involved.  I'm already a member with them and enjoy seeing the local offers, and so far, the offers are a bit different.

  When this program begins on the Kindles with Special Offers, they'll be viewable on the screen savers but,  unlike what's involved with current special offers, customers will be able to purchase the deal directly from the Kindle, and they'll receive a voucher directly on the Kindle's Home Screen. Then they'll be able to redeem the vouchers by just showing this voucher ON the Kindle to the local merchant or by showing the merchant a printed copy.  To print one, they'd visit

Here's more on
  Also, Amazon adds, in its press release, the info:
' AmazonLocal is now available in 44 locations, including New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and Seattle, across 15 states (Alabama, California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, North Carolina, New York, Texas, Virginia and Washington State).  Customers across the country will find deals sourced through our strategic relationship with LivingSocial, as well as directly by AmazonLocal in select markets.  Anyone can go to and sign up to be notified when AmazonLocal is available in their area. '

But, I remain very interested in what the larger "software update for latest generation Kindles in the coming weeks" means to us.

UPDATE - Engadget's Brian Heater wrote an article on this, and the comments to it are interesting too.

  Heater's amusing take on this, as indicated by his headline, "Ad-supported Kindle getting AmazonLocal to distract you from all that pesky reading," drew some lively comments to the article from people who would never get an e-reader, much less one with ads and offers, and from people who've used this model for awhile.

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  1. Your post says: "I'm personally hoping that Amazon *finally* puts the screen-contrast adjustment feature on the DX as they did for the Kindle 3's with Pearl Screen"

    Is there a contrast adjustment on a Kindle 3? I have not been able to locate it. Is it a hidden feature somewhere? Please let us know more about this.


  2. T H,
    I should have said "on PDFs" -- that's where the screen contrast adjustment is, for PDFs, on the Kindle 3 model.

    And that's done under the Aa-key menu.

    I'll edit that, as I should have said 'for PDFs'...


  3. I live in Seattle, so I've been getting Seattle Local ads via email for a month or more. But I'm also discovering that I have so little use for them that I'm thinking of turning the feature off. Most are for dining and recreation, and I prefer to use free options for my fun.

    I suspect we all have our 'most wanted' feature for that coming update. Mine would be Print Replica perhaps followed by library checkouts. I've got some books I'd like to release as digitals, but they'll only work with complex, PDF-like formatting. Mobi won't work.

  4. Michael,
    Good luck on the Print Replica being ready/available soon ...


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