Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nook delayed at BN stores another week - Update3

Arrival of the Nook at B&N stores
has been pushed back to December 7 from November 30.

  B&N says it's to put customers first.  I guess that means it's less likely that units will be available for gadget-review sites, with not one hands-on review of it available yet, which is truly unusual.

UPDATE3 - 12/2/09 2:47 AM (Original posting: 11/30/09, 5:45 AM)
EWeek's Nicholas Kolakowski gives a detailed summary of the court action yesterday rejecting Spring Design's injunction.

  In the meantime, a Barnes and Noble's forum thread on the Alex points us to a PDF of the court document denying the motion, which Len Edgerly has already gone through it and highly recommends reading it.

UPDATE2 - 12/1/09, 9:41 PM (Original posting: 11/30/09, 5:45 AM
Gizmodo continues to be the one skeptical gadget site out there (they are generally also skeptical about the Kindle).  In this case, Matt Buchanan doesn't seem to think that delays of store-demos, review-copies, and customer units are due only to high demand for the product.
  A User's guide available online would help but, unlike Sony and Amazon, Barnes and Noble have chosen not to make an online copy available ahead of time.

HOWEVER, Gizmodo also has a photo of the court document dated December 1, which denies the request by Spring Design for a preliminary injunction -- which might now free up the Nook for release.  At least that's the hope of the members of Barnes and Noble's increasingly agitated Nook customer forum.

Gizmodo's Rosa Golijan adds that "Spring Design has been granted an expedited pre-trial process to push the entire mess into court a bit faster"

  Nook zealots have been very present on Amazon's Kindle forums lately, and now in reaction to a steady dose of that, Kindle owners have been visiting the Nook forums to correct some bad information about the Kindle being put out by B&N store staff (some of what they are telling customers boggles the mind).

  I'm a B&N member and love going to that store, so I want B&N to succeed (latest earning reports show how important the Nook is to the company then, and this may be influencing employee putdowns of the Kindle to store visitors but it's not the way to sell your product though I may be wrong on that, of course).

  The rumor mill has been rife but early reports that the injunction was denied (before the news sites had the info) were accurate.  In addition, in the thread titled "Nook's benefits over Kindle" Brain Wave adds, "I read today in a tech zine that B&N may be having trouble getting their FCC license for the WIFI and cell transmitters in the NOOK and can't ship until that license comes through."

He doesn't cite the 'zine though. But if the hold-up was due to the injunction request, then by tomorrow, we should see some movement in the shipping of Nooks.

[Earlier update]
UPDATE 11/30/09 - 3:04 PM (Original Posting: 11/30/09, 5:46 AM)
- The Gadgeteer says it is being made "grumpy" by Barnes and Noble over this, as now the customer also has a backed-up date this morning despite the B&N reason given earlier today.

 They now say they "expect" (Gadgeteer made the bold-facing there) to have the Nook to the early pre-orderers by December 9 and have 'upgraded' people to overnight shipping though many like Len Edgerly, who also reported this email, already was on overnight delivery status.

B&N is also giving those customers a $10 gift certificate code.  Gadgeteer reports the shipping date he sees online hasn't changed though.

Earlier report - continued:
Len Edgerly (Gadget Man) of The Kindle Chronicles Friday podcasts is expecting his before Christmas, and a lot of us will be looking forward to his take on it.

In the meantime, SlashGear quotes Amazon's reports that November was the biggest sales month for the Kindle, though Amazon gives no actual numbers.  They claim that besides people buying them for family members, businesses and organizations are buying them for employees and customers.

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