Friday, December 18, 2009

Brief: PVI (eInk) develops plastic screen, for Spring 2010

E-Ink plastic screen coming.  Financial Time's Peter Marsh in London reports today that Prime View International (PVI), who bought eInk, plans to launch a lightweight plastic screen in Spring 2010, available to all its customers, and it's thought that there's a likelihood Amazon could be involved already.
  This will be 9.7-inches so would be useable in a new Kindle DX and most important for the educational market due to the higher probability of dropping a unit in that environment.  It would be more competitive with the coming Plastic Logic 'Que' also.

PVI "refused to disclose" whether or not they're working with a specific partner on a new version of the system.  A 9.7" screen based on plastic would likely "...weigh about 330g, about a third less than the 500g or so of a product based on a glass screen."
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  1. Andrys,

    Well, the Que was finally just revealed at CES, and I must say I’m….underwhelmed. It’s possible my tune might change if I get a chance to give it a real-life test run, but between Plastic Logic’s heavy secrecy in pre-releasing information, and the prospects for technological advances being announced seemingly daily by its competitors, it would take a tremendous “Wow!” factor to get me to pull the trigger at the listed prices.

  2. There are so many new tech developments, it'd be unwise to jump on any of them. Take the Nook developments as a lesson. That one gets worse with each update lately. Someone there liked the Alex's tiny web screen and all. Not that this one would be what you want, but it was interesting since they're suing B&N re design of the Nook and word is that it's considerably faster.


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