Monday, December 14, 2009

Kindle for iPhone in 60 countries. iRex 8"reader missing.


Amazon announced today that the iPhone Kindle App is now worldwide, expanded to 60 countries, though the press release doesn't identify which countries are included.  Techwatch reports that the UK is one of the countries.

  TheBookSeller explains to new Kindle customers internationally that "a user can read a book on their Kindle and then pick up where they left off on their iPhone.  Other features include the ability to read the beginning of books for free, read books in full colour and choose from six font sizes and number of words per line."  It's not necessary to buy a Kindle to use the free app to download and read Kindle books.

Marketwatch's story on Amazon today and the difficult Xmas season for e-reader competitors, has the first mention I've seen of the iRex DR800SG, which was due to appear late November, with Best Buy having readied (per an earlier news story) a spot for the device, with labels showing $449 rather than $399 as had been planned earlier.  But iRex hasn't made an appearance.  It was or is to be one of Barnes and Noble's e-reader choices and is slated to offer books from the B&N store

  Marketwatch's Brett Arends reports that Best Buy yanked it from their website.  It mentions "three weeks to Xmas" (but the article is dated today, 11 days from Xmas) and there is no sign of it.  He adds that iRex "admits" in email to "unexpected delays" but is mum otherwise.

Is it really worth $260?
There is a long, current Amazon forum thread in which someone asks if the Kindle has been worth $260 (or more), and the answers are interesting.  Many give reasons that some reviewers have said were not that germane (free web browsing, text-to-speech) but they're real-world uses. Below are ways to Share this post if you'd like others to see it.
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