Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nook Reviews Update 6 - ZDNet, NYT, WSJ - Update1

Rather than move the older reviews-post up, I'm just adding a link to the latest update for reviews, as people are still having a hard time deciding between the promising Nook and the Kindle.

You can jump to Latest Update, #6 done on 12/10/09.  It includes reviews by ZDNet's Matt Miller, NY Times's David Pogue, and WSJ's Walter S. Mossberg.

Some might be interested in views of Kindle owners who have been interested in the Nook and are discussing checking out the demo models at Barnes and Noble.  Some wanted to, and did, buy a Nook (this is seen in various Kindle forums) so they could read ePub format files without needing to put them through the 2-3 minute conversion to Kindle format.

What's odd to me is that the Nook doesn't support Microsoft Word doc files nor even text or .txt files.  Since many of us highlight info on the web sites and copy/paste them into Word docs, we can have them converted for free by Amazon for our Kindles. Obviously, it's nice to be able to put one's own Doc or text files on our ereaders. The Kindle even supports basic HTML renamed .txt ...

For best balance, be sure to visit the Barnes and Noble Nook Help Forum discussions.

SOME GOOD NEWS from there for Nookers. See the public library thread.  Some have confirmed that they can download to their computers e-books from the library and that they are readable on their Nooks if they move the book file VIA ADOBE feature (which is the rights-protection).

There is of course the problematical as is shown in this thread about books being blank when downloaded, or skipping pages.

Also see Nook vs Kindle - some facts

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