Saturday, December 12, 2009

M-Edge The New Yorker Jacket - Newer Free books

"The New Yorker Jacket" by M-Edge

Per Business Wire and the Amazon pages, M-Edge has partnered with The New Yorker to create the branded jackets or Kindle covers, shown below.

Sunday Afternoon
in Central Park

By Bob Knox

Book Lovers

By Adrian Tomine


By Eric Drooker

  These are for M-Edge’s popular GO! jacket, a slim, lightweight cover made with 100% genuine leather.  A photo sublimation process was used for the printed fabric on the front panel, to closely replicate the original cover art.
 The jacket has a tan microfiber interior and uses the protective but strap-free Kindle-compatible hinge system.

  You can click on any image to get the product page and a better idea of what the cover is like.

  The jackets are also compatible with M-Edge’s optional, integrated e-Luminator2 booklight for reading in low-light conditions

All three are for the Kindle International 6" Display (Latest Generation) and cost about $20 more than the standard black Kindle jacket.

FREE BOOKS - likely to be short-term


    By Sam Landstrom

    $0.00 Kindle edition, U.S.     47 user reviews, 4.5 stars

There are several rave reviews for this apparently quite creative science fiction book by a writer new to the readers.

The Voice: New Testament

    By Thomas Nelson
(with book and chapter navigation)

    $0.00 Kindle edition, U.S.     16 user reviews, 4 stars

Very unusual translation using modern expressions -- script-like, and with additions that are noted and sourced.  Controversial for those reasons but liked very much by many.

It's weekend free-books reminder time.  So, on to the regular free and under-$1 Kindle book searches. :-) Below are ways to Share this post if you'd like others to see it.
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