Sunday, December 27, 2009

Beware amazing media misintepretations

This google search will show how a few media-styled sites misread the CNET story on Amazon items sold on December 14, including this one by The Tech Herald [since corrected /Update 12/29/09] just tweeted within the last hour.  Other sites have picked up the misinterpretation (whoever started it), replacing Amazon "items" sold with "Kindle units" or 'Kindles' or "devices" (!), actually writing that they sold 9.5 million Kindles in one day and therefore "110 units per second"... and then it showed up on Twitter.

  Here's what CNET actually wrote:
' In another milestone for the e-reader, the company noted that on Christmas Day, for the first time ever, Amazon customers bought more Kindle books than physical books. The company didn't offer specific numbers for either category.

The peak shopping day for the online retailer was December 14, when customers ordered more than 9.5 million items worldwide, "a record-breaking 110 items per second."

Among those items bought between November 15 and December 19, the top electronics, following the Kindle, were Apple's iPod Touch 8GB and the Garmin Nuvi 260W GPS. '
This happens sometimes in a less obvious way though.  I guess the deadlines come too fast and maybe holiday cheer gets in the mix, but I was surprised to see this rather optimistic  :-)  figure repeated by others. Below are ways to Share this post if you'd like others to see it.
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