Friday, December 18, 2009

Kindle DX - Yesterday's reports and possibilities

Thursday night, I wrote two entries.

  The early evening story included that the Kindle DX is not shipping for 4-6 weeks.  I opined then that the DX-International might be released in a few weeks -- the new 'batch.'

  Not long after midnight, I added an entry about PVI launching a plastic e-ink screen in the Spring and that it was 9.7" and I wrote
''s thought that there's a likelihood Amazon could be involved already...This will be 9.7-inches so would be useable in a new Kindle DX...PVI "refused to disclose" whether or not they're working with a specific partner on a new version of the system. '
I was of course hinting, as did the article I referenced at FT, that Amazon could be coming out in the Spring (in this case it would be earlier Spring) with the plastic screen on the new DX, which would not be too far from Plastic Logic's release of its own, also mentioned in the article.

Timing is tough.  If PVI were launching in the Spring, would they do it this way, favoring one of its many vendors for the first edition?  While I wondered about this, I thought it unfeasible for PVI to so openly appear to have favored one of its client companies to that extent.  Nevertheless, it remained a possibility, so I mentioned it, though my writing was a bit subtle about that.

But the thing that I now remember being mystified about in October comes to the fore.  When Amazon went international with the Kindle 2, I didn't understand why they didn't do this with the DX as well -- unless they needed to get rid of the older inventory before doing an international release, but they could have sold those for a bit less less as they did the domestic Kindle 2 while they still had them.  So that continued to not make much sense, unless PVI and eInk Co could not produce enough DX's at that time for the big splash that International release was.

Now I wonder if it doesn't make more sense that they did not want to do two new releases of the DX too close together as that would have a very bad effect.

Is that why the DX International was delayed?  Will we see a plastic-screen version of the DX at the same time?  At this point, I think it's a good possibility -- at the risk of our being disappointed if they release only a DX International next :-) Below are ways to Share this post if you'd like others to see it.
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